Big Afternoon Update: WWE vs. TNA, Mysterio, Rumble, Rock, Lots More

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"Bad, Bad Man" by John Cena was played on many NFL Pre-Game shows this past weekend, it also had been played on commercials for "The Shield" on FX.

January 24th at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, there will be a Royal Rumble Press Conference at noon. Kurt Angle, Edge, Triple H, John Cena, Torrie Wilson, Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio, Mark Henry, Michael Cole, and Jonathan Coachman are all scheduled.

The Rock recently was interviewed by IGN recently. He will play the lead role in the upcoming "Spyhunter" film, and he will also be a large part of the video game.

Kevin Sorbo, who portrayed Hercules on the TV series and was also on "Andromeda," will be staring in the straight to DVD sequel of "Walking Tall," playing the role of Chris Vaugh. The Rock stared in the remake of "Walking Tall," but had no interest in the sequel.

Tim White has his own SmackDown! superstar page. The page includes videos of his failed "suicide" attempts.

Jeremy sent this: Not sure if anyone caught on, but the first ever TNA house show is on the 17th in Detroit and the very next night, WWE will tape the first SNME in 13 years, also in Detroit. Think WWE doesn't see TNA as competition? It's very hard to believe that WWE just randomly picked Detroit on the same weekend as TNA's first house show in the same city.