Bret Hart Chooses TNA Over WWE, More On Haas' Return, More

Thanks to James Duncan of for this:

I've just got returned from the 1PW show in Doncaster. I also attended the Bret Hart Q and A earlier in the day. Here are a couple of the more interesting questions that he answered.

Someone asked him if he was going to be in the WWE Hall of Fame this year. Bret's reply was if Vince McMahon and others give him an apology, then he would but seeing as he doesn't see that happening in the future, he says he isn't likely to accept an invitation. He also said if he was still wrestling he would probably be with TNA or doing some indie events.

There was no flash photography allowed and only two items per person to be signed. But all in all he was very nice and approachable.

I also had a premium ticket for autographs before the show started. Charlie Haas made it pretty clear to me that he was coming back to Raw and will be involved in the Shelton Benjamin angle. He said he would be on Raw next Monday. Harry Smith (who was Bret's mystery wrestler) said he would be joining WWE sooner rather then later.