Bret Hart Speaks On The Divas, Owen Hart, WWE & More


Thanks to Jon for the following:

Earlier today Bret Hitman Hart appeared on Sky Sports news. Here are a few things he said.

Bret joined the regular hosts in the Sky Sports News studio. They showed some old WWF clips of Bret when he was Champion.

Bret looks casual in a black puma jumper.

They plug his new DVD

They talk about his catchphrase "The best there is, best there was and best there ever will be" Bret is very modest about this claim.

He then goes on to talk about how he started in wrestling, what he achieved in amateur wrestling.

They talk about how Bret's father was a promoter and how Bret was pretty much "born" into wrestling.

Bret tells how he learnt a lot of wrestling not from his dad, but from Japanese wrestlers who worked for his dad.

Bret mentions that the female wrestlers these days look a lot better now than they did when he was younger.

They showed a clip of Bret wrestling his brother Owen, and how he had a cracked pelvic bone at the time.

Bret talks about his match with the British Bulldog at Wembley Stadium, and how it was his most beautiful match. They then show a clip, he talks about how great it was wrestling front of 80,000 fans. Bret mentions that even though they were in the UK, the fans were pretty much 50/50 for him and Davey Boy.

Bret says that he might come back one day to say a "good-bye" to the fans.

It is also brought up that Bret has never hurt an opponent during a match in his entire career.

They briefly talk about the kick to his head that ended his career, which contributed to him having a stroke in 2001.

Next up they talk about the Sharp Shooter, and how Bret never thought that people would want to see a submission hold as a finishing move, but that it was the right time.

Owen is brought up next and Bret briefly talks about it, but seems to quickly change the subject back to his DVD.

When asked if Bret would let any of his sons get involved in wrestling, he says that he wouldn't have a problem but at the moment they don't have any interest in it.

They then wrap up the interview.

In all Bret came across nice and friendly and very humble.