Brock Lesnar-WWE Issues, Tim White, Mysterio, Morgan, More

WWE just posted another Tim White video on their site, this one I have no idea how they are going to be able to get out of. The name is 'Tim White is Hangin In There', and when you watch the video, Tim White goes and hangs himself, and all we can see is Whites feet dangling after he kicks the chair out from underneath him. Josh Matthews tries to hold Tim up to prevent him from choking but to no avail. It is on the WWE frontpage.

A fan attended the Rey Mysterio autograph signing yesterday outside Burger King at Los Colobs, Carolina in Puerto Rico. The event started at 11AM and ended two hours later. Adverts for the event suggested that Mysterio would only sign for the first 400 people who showed up however one hour prior to the start there were over 700 people in line waiting. Fans had Eddie merchandise as well as his own for signing. (Thanks to Colin Vassallo)

Zach Arnold reports that Sankei Sports has some comments from Antonio Inoki regarding the contract lawsuit dispute between Brock Lesnar and WWE. Inoki said, "I heard that Lesnar had solved all of his contract problems with WWE two or three days ago." The comments were made at Narita airport.

Steve Gerweck reports that after the TNA Final Resolution PPV, Matt Morgan spent time with many of the TNA stars at the Ale House in Orlando. Morgan is in tremendous shape, and was frequently asked when he could start. At this point, it appears there is something that could be worked out between the two sides.