Brock Lesnar/WWE, WWE Bus Broken Into, Trinity & More


Judge Christopher Droney has stated that unless WWE gives him a good argument between now and January 25th (12 days), that he will rule in favor of Brock Lesnar, giving him a summary judgment. This would enable Lesnar to work anywhere he wanted and for anyone he wanted immediately. WWE has also filed another injunction attempt to prevent Lesnar from working the February 19th New Japan show at Sumo Hall. They were at first turned down in their attempt to get him stopped from working the Tokyo Dome, but were given a hearing, which they then pulled out of.

For the WWE double TV taping on January 30th in Orlando, Rock Station WJRR is sponsoring a Beauty and The Beast contest with the best looking women and the hairiest guys as dates. The final three will get ringside tickets with the winning guys getting laser hair removal on their backs and the girls get bikini waxes.

The WrestleMania tour bus was broken into two night s ago. Half of the equipment and other objects which were in the bus were stolen.

Former TNA knockout and now new WWE Diva, Trinity starts imminently on the main WWE roster playing the female half of a male/female love interest role for the new bisexual Orlando Jordan character.