Carlito/Shaq, Big Brock Lesnar Update, More Notes

The Carlito and Shaq video that was posted on aired on ESPN's late night edition of SportsCenter. Unfortunately, there was no mention of the Royal Rumble for this Sunday.

Judge Christopher Droney has granted a WWE motion to delay the scheduled hearing for later this morning that would see the company oppose a summary judgment that would allow Brock Lesnar's non-compete to be thrown out. According to reports, the new date for the hearing has been set for February 8. The hearing scheduled for Friday morning had been pushed back earlier this week and now yet another delay has been enforced. As noted before, both sides for Lesnar and WWE will have 20 minutes to argue before Droney. Droney will then make a decision if he wants to throw out WWE's claims and allow Lesnar to wrestle anywhere he wanted or keep the case going. We will continue to cover this situation as it develops.

The story regarding Brock Lesnar's lawsuit against World Wrestling Entertainment has just gotten picked up in the AP. ESPN has already picked up on the story, even though the story is very old to the wrestling community.

In a somewhat related court note, the United States Bankruptcy Court hearing regarding the ownership of Eastern Championship Wrestling's video library that is being contested by ECW founder Tod Gordon was postponed on Thursday until March 30. The hearing was scheduled to take place yesterday in White Plains, New York.