Chris Benoit-WWE Update, Possible Women's Title Spoiler, More

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Unless something major and unforeseen occurs, Chris Benoit has no plans of leaving WWE.

It is being reported that Smackdown diva Melina Perez recently did a photoshoot with the WWE Women's Title in tow. Trish Stratus is still the current WWE Women's Champion after defeating Mickie James last night at New Year's Revolution. It seemed as though that Mickie would be getting the belt last night, if not a little later, but if Melina is getting it now, it looks like WWE is going in a different direction. It was reported a few weeks ago that WWE had been thinking about making the Women's Title a cross-brand title. If it becomes a cross-brand title, the women's belt would be defended on both Raw and Smackdown.

WWE has been known to do photoshoots of their wrestlers with titles they haven't won yet when it concerns their magazines. The turnaround for their magazines is approximately a month, so say, by the time Melina has the belt, and the magazine is finally released, the shot of her with the title would seem incredibly recent. WWE did something similar with their Smackdown magazine last summer in that they released a magazine with Batista wearing a Smackdown shirt on the cover the week after he was drafted to Smackdown. In actuality, the photoshoot of him wearing a Smackdown shirt was done several weeks before the magazine was ever released, not to mention that it was done while he was still on the Raw brand.