Coverage: WWE NYR Press Conference In Albany, NY

Coverage: WWE NYR Press Conference In Albany, NY

I just got back from the Pepsi Arena in Albany, NY, site of the New Years Revolution press conference. The show started promptly at noon and last about 30 minutes. Triple H was in a very good mood, Chris Masters was the butt of the jokes, Angle was quiet and didn't look happy. They had a full-blown stage setup with massive lights. The media cameras were set up in the back. There was standing-room only with well over 150 people in attendance. Definitely one of the biggest press conferences I've seen.

The show started with Todd Grishum coming out and hyping the PPV matches including the Elimination Chamber. He talked about WWE's past in Albany noting the Beer Truck, Angle's title win over The Rock in 2000, and Flair's win at the Royal Rumble. He noted that there was three miles of chain and then introduced Shawn Michaels.

HBK came out and told Todd it was actually two miles of chain which got some laughs. Fans shouted stuff at HBK and he responded to many. HBK said the Elimination Chamber was one of the most dangerous matches in the history of WWE to which one fan yelled "What about the bra and panties match" and HBK said "Yah, especially a gauntlet bra and panties match" and rolled his eyes. That was funny.

Next out was Chris Masters who cut a quick heel promo and tried to keep a straight face while fans shouted stuff at him. He ended the promo with "Masters Out".

Candice Michelle was out next and said that she was looking forward to the Bra and Panties gauntlet match at the PPV. She said it would be the first-ever match of its kind and then she did her dance.

Next out was Kurt Angle who got a mixed reaction. Angle said that anyone who says he sucks can kiss his ass. Several fans shouted "You Suck" and he noted "I just said kiss my ass...". He said he was the toughest son of a b—h in WWE and would prove that this Sunday when he walked out of the Elimination Chamber as the champion.

Triple H came out next and this is where things really got good. Triple H mocked several fans and was all jokes today. He basically tore up Masters, as did everyone, telling him that he finally came up with his own catch phrase. He said he didn't know if he meant "Masturbate or Masters Out". He told Kurt Angle to lighten up. He asked Masters to rub Angles shoulders to chill him out. Angle very out of it and tired. He did manage to smirk at some of Triple H's comedy. He noted that he had to face The Big Show at the PPV and would go on to face whoever was next at WrestleMania. Triple H was WAY over.

John Cena was out next and was very laid back. The fans heavily booed him. He talked about the Chamber being one of the most brutal matches in WWE history noting that he has never been in one. He said he's been watching tapes of the last three and is prepared. Numerous fans were yelling stuff out throughout this and everyone else's promos.

They opened up to a Question and Answer session. One fan asked Triple H what he was going to do after he defeated The Big Show this Sunday and he said "I think I said I'm going to WrestleMania to face the champion". HBK cut in and said "WrestleMania right? That's where you're going?" Triple H said "Yah, I think so, WrestleMania, for the title right?". Cena cut in and said "So let me get this straight, you're going to WrestleMania to face the champion?". This went back and forth with Angle, Candice, and everyone else chiming in. This got laughs from everyone and went on for quiet a bit. The fan who asked the question was also punked out as well. Basically making fun of the fan who asked the question.

A female fan told John Cena that she shoveled 7 inches of snow and drove a long way and wanted his hat. The crowd booed and they moved on quickly with the whiney lady getting no hat.

A young kid asked Cena if he could spin his title and they had the kid come up and spin it which was nice.

Several more fans asked questions and that was it.

They did media interviews after the show.

WWE cameras and all the local news stations were in attendance. We got about 6 inches of snow last night and today so the turnout was HUGE for the weather conditions. The stars arrived in a limo. HBK noted that he had a flight at 2:17 this afternoon. Doesn't look like Triple H will be going to SmackDown! today as he normally does.

All in all a fun session, was a little short. will be posting a video shortly.