Early Morning Update: Trish Showering, Vince, RAW, Shelton, Stacy, Lots More

- I will be at the Pepsi Arena in Albany, NY this Sunday for New Years Revolution so be sure to join me for live backstage coverage this Sunday right here on this site.

- The first four minutes of RAW from the UK live feed where cut off due to technical problems.


- More on "Mama Benjamin." Shelton Benjamin's on-screen mom was played by Thea Vidale, a 50 year old actress from Washington, DC. A couple of weeks ago WWE was trying to cast this character which is going to last a few weeks. Vidale's latest work was on the TV reality show 'Urban Jungle'. She was also the star of the TV series 'Thea' playing Thea Turrell in the only season that aired on ABC from September 1993 to February 1994.

- Vince McMahon has been added to the Raw Superstars Page.

- Zap2it.com is reporting that Stacy Keibler is likely to win the ABC show "Dancing with the Stars", which debuts on Thursday night. The article mentions that Keibler opened at 4/1 odds on the sports-betting site PinnacleSports.com.


- WWE Stocks closed the day at 14.82, a 0.95% increase over the previous closing. The day's range was 14.67 – 14.85.

- WWE.com has posted a video of the Trish Stratus shower scene from RAW Monday night.

- WWE.com is reporting that Carlito will be the special guest on Byte This tonight starting at 8pm Eastern.

- There is a new edition of the CoachCast up on WWE.com with special guest Shawn Michaels.