Even More Backstage News & Notes From RAW Last Night

As noted earlier, he identity of Shelton Benjamin's mom is actress/comedian Thea Vidale. Vidale is 49 years old and is from Washington D.C. She was the star of a sitcom entitled "Thea" that ran for one year on ABC during the 1993-1994 television season. Singer Brandy also starred on the show just before she broke out as a star.

WWE.com posted pre-Raw photos earlier today. In the photo of Gregory Helms arriving to Raw, if you look in the background, you'll notice a blonde female walking behind him. The female is none other than independent women's wrestler Talia, who is his girlfriend. Talia wrestled Victoria on Sunday Night Heat last summer.

It was reported earlier today that former TNA wrestler Trinity was sitting in the front row prior to Raw. She was wearing provocative clothing and thus it was presumed that she'd appear on the show a little later. As it turns out, she made an appearance during the Heat tapings. The Heart Throbs invited two "Jersey Girls" to come dance with them in the ring after their match. The other girl was said to be blonde. Presumeably, it is Talia.