Exclusive Backstage Notes From The PPV In Albany

The Troy Record in Albany, NY did an article on WWE's event last night. ALBANY – Most of the moves are the same, but the racier story lines define professional wrestling these days. Thousands of World Wrestling Entertainment fans filled nearly every seat at the Pepsi Arena Sunday night to witness brutally violent performances unfold alongside wickedly risqu? drama. https://www.troyrecord.com/site/news.cfm?newsid=15893700&BRD=1170&PAG=461&dept_id=7021&rfi=6

I'm told that 10,800 (give or take a few) attended the PPV last night in Albany. The arena was nearly filled with the setup.

Ted Di'Biase returned to work last night. He arrived with Arn Anderson and several of the other agents and was given a 'welcome back' by many stars who were in the parking lot.

Pat Patterson was also backstage in Albany last night.

Shane McMahon was also backstage at the PPV and is said to be at RAW today as well. Shane is not like any other McMahon. Shortly after he arrived, he was out in the parking lot taking photos, chatting, and signing autographs for the fans as Vince walked inside. Vince and Shane arrived at the PPV together w/ Shane in control at the wheel. No limo.