Exclusive News & Photos Of Triple H & Stephanie's New Tour Bus

As most of you know by now, I was at the Pepsi Arena in Albany, NY yesterday for the New Years Revolution pay-per-view event. Hopefully you all enjoyed our coverage that me and Steve Carrier had here on the site. I promised you all yesterday that I would be posting photos of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon's new tour bus that the two are traveling in now so here we are.

I talked to several WWE employees outside next to the tour bus and was given an inside look. The bus cost over 2 million dollars and was custom-made to fit whatever Triple H and Stephanie wanted. The bus features a built-in bar, a living room type setting, a bedroom, kitchen, and anything else you'd ever need. It's basically a small mansion inside a bus. While other wrestlers arrive in cars in the back parking lot and are checked in as they arrive, Triple H and Stephanie's bus was parked outside the front of the arena with several other WWE travel buses. The two were never seen entering the arena as they walked in a separate entrance.

I'm told that the duo will be traveling in the bus through Stephanie McMahon's pregnancy and beyond. Triple H had recently taken some time off over the Summer for 'personal issues' and that is when the bus was purchased.

Anyways, here are several photos of their bus.