Former WWE Diva Files Complaint Against WWE

Former WWE performer Dawn Marie Psaltis, 35, has filed a complaint against World Wrestling Entertainment with the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission), claiming wrongful termination. Dawn Marie claims she was released from her contract because she became pregnant. All Dawn Marie wants is to be paid for the remainder of her WWE contract, which had less than one year remaining on it at the time she was released by World Wrestling Entertainment in July of 2005. The reason given for her release from WWE management was, "Creative had no ideas for her." Dawn Marie had been in good standing with the company with a track record of always being on time and fulfilling whatever duties they asked her to do.


Dawn Marie gave birth to her first child, a boy, which she named Matthew, on December 20, 2005. Since being terminated from WWE, Dawn Marie has made two public appearances for wrestling-related events. She made an appearance at the Retroslam Convention in New Jersey in October. She also made an appearance at Hardcore Homecoming, holding the key for the main-event steel cage match. Dawn Marie also accepted a booking in which she would actually wrestle in a match. She and Jackie Gayda were supposed to be teaming up to take on Traci Brooks and Lollipop in tag action, for an indy event on April 26th. However, Dawn Marie later changed her mind and had to back out of the match. Dawn believed four months would not be enough time to get back into shape for the match due to the incredible amount of weight she gained from her pregnancy. Dawn Marie vowed that she will work for the promotion sometime down the road. Dawn Marie also has an open invitation from TNA president Dixie Carter to join TNA should she ever choose to.


source – Wrestling Observer Newsletter