Former WWE Tag Team Champ Seriously Injured

Eric L. sent this in regarding a major Rene Dupree injury:

"I was at the Ohio Valley Wrestling house show last night (which was pretty good) and in the second match, former WWE World Tag Team Champion Rene Dupree was taking on a OVW wrestler named J-Man. About two or three minutes into the match, J-Man gave Dupree a boot to the gut and Dupree fell to the ring and started screaming in pain, 'My hernia! My hernia! The kick looked fine and looked to be just one of those freak incidents.

Quickly after that, Dupree rolled up J-Man and got a quick win which just seemed to be a quick way to end the match with Dupree still winning. As he rolled J-Man up, he still looked to be in an insane amount of pain. After the match, Dupree had to be carried off while still groaning and looking to be completely out of it. It looked like a groin injury or hernia or something, but has to be serious from the tone of everyone at ringside as well as the quick finish and the pain in Dupree's eyes."

Dupree suffered a legit hernia injury a while back and has been recovering from it these past few months, but it looks like the match re-aggravated his injury which could be very serious considering the degree of his past injury. It is confirmed that Dupree was taken to the hospital after the event so there is no doubt something went wrong. We will have more on the condition of Rene Dupree as it comes.