Heidenreich Update, New Talent, Maria, & More News

As reported on earlier, WWE announced that Heidenreich was officially given his release from the company. We noted yesterday that Heidenreich had been off the WWE schedule with the SmackDown brand after checking himself into a hospital complaining of a serious ear infection. Some more details have become available about his situation since then. According to reports, WWE agents called him to bring him back to the company's next tour with SmackDown. Heidenreich reportedly turned down the return saying he couldn't deal with being on the road anymore. According to some new reports, many WWE wrestlers attempted to contact Heidenreich over the last week, but were unsuccessful. His release from WWE wasn't a huge surprise to some as his name was removed from WWE's upcoming tour of Japan as Animal was scheduled to team with Matt Hardy. The belief is that Animal will now get a singles role on SmackDown with Heidenreich now gone from the company.

As noted late last night, WWE officials Dean Malenko and John Laurinaitis were at OVW yesterday evaluating talent. Kara Slice and Cliff "Domino" Compton were signed to developmental deals while the two were there.

Dalip "Giant" Singh was backstage at Smackdown this week and is expected to begin training in Deep South Wrestling soon. Word is that Singh will be at all the TV tapings while he trains.

Maria and Superstar Graham will be in studio guests on tonight's edition of Byte This on the WWE website.

Tully Blanchard received a legends contract from WWE. No word on if he signed the deal.