Huge TNA Update: New Timeslot, Sting, Christian, & More

– Spike TV is said to be just as much behind bringing Sting in as TNA was. Some guys in TNA were very upset with Sting being brought in and getting all that money instead of some of the wrestlers who have been with them for the long run. However, since he s been backstage, the attitude towards him has changed due to his willingness to genuinely help out the company.


– Christian recently stated in an interview that even if TNA wasn t an option, he still would have left WWE. He said that the TNA locker room is more upbeat, and TNA being there definitely helped his decision to leave WWE.

– According to several live reports, when Jeff Jarrett has been cutting promos lately the crowd s boring chants at TNA tapings have drowned out the sound system in the building. The company viewpoint is that fans, both in Orlando and on the internet, are tired of Jarrett.

– TNA is planning another all-cage match PPV for this April. They will keep the same Lockdown title for the event that they used last year.

— Dixie Carter recently brought up doing a house show tour this year with TNA again in an interview.


– There are rumblings backstage that Low Ki may be coming back. Nobody ever thought this would happen due to the backstage heat he had on him when he left the company.

– There is once again talk of TNA bringing in more wrestlers from Mexico.

– Right now it looks like Spike TV will be moving TNA iMPACT to a Thursday night timeslot at some point. Spike TV has also expressed interest in giving them a better replay timeslot than their Monday midnight airing, despite the fact that a 0.5 rating in that timeslot is a good number. Some are second-guessing the decision to put them on Thursday nights. Mainly due to the fact that Thursdays have lots of competition all night from other networks, such as CBS lineup of Survivor, CSI, and Without A Trace.

[Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter]