Huge Update On RVD: Returning At The Rumble & More

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JANUARY 14 — Wow! How come I m getting so many hits on my web site? Oh, I get it. You want to hear it from me, right? F*ck yeah I m coming back at Royal Rumble. I am in serious ass-kicking shape and when I return, I expect nothing less than a ridiculously huge Welcome Back chant from my fans clarifying that, while being gone for a year, I m still more popular than those other guys you can t remember from week to week on television. I might be the first to say it but I won t be the last.

The wait is almost over. Thank you for enduring the last year, RVD void and all.

Look for the new Raw magazine coming out in a few weeks with Mr. Monday Night on the cover, and you know what that means&that s right, an awesome pictorial inside.

We have a couple of superstars visiting the store. On January 22nd, come and meet ECW icon the Sandman. And if you really want to get on his good side, bring him a beer.

February 2nd is your chance to get your picture with the Masterpiece Chris Masters. I don t recommend asking him to put you in the Master Lock.

Go see King Kong already, would you? It totally kicks ass!

The Ghost Rider movie has been pushed back to February 2007, so keep some patience handy.

Did I mention my return to wrestling at the Royal Rumble?

I think that about covers it for this week. So that means I m out.

Please enjoy RVD trailers until next we meet.

Mr. Monday Night
Rob Van Dam