Lesnar Issues, Prudius-WWE, Marty Janetty, More Notes

- Oleg Prudius has officially signed with WWE. Prudius was the guy that Jerry Jarrett brought to WWE a few months back. WWE.com has an article up on their site about it.

- Jim Cornette has been signed by Jakks Pacific to produce his WWE Classic Superstars action figure.

- Marty Janetty is now living in Orlando, Florida and is accepting bookings at mjndhouse@yahoo.com.

- Former WWE star John Tenta is struggling in his fight against cancer. Tenta posted the following message on the Wrestlecrap.com forum."I've been very busy. My last scan results were very disappointing. Despite being on chemo, the tumors in my hip, and both lungs continued to grow. The doctor is starting me on new chemo this Monday. It is a new combination, of chemo I've already had. The doctor says it has a one in ten chance of working. If that doesn't work, I will try experimental drugs. If nothing works, I have a life expectancy of six months to a year."

- WWE has once again requested a temporary restraining order against Brock Lesnar to keep him from wrestling on the 2/19 New Japan Pro-Wrestling show. Judge Christopher Droney has told WWE that if they don't provide an argument as to why Lesnar's lawsuit against them should be argued in court, Droney will make a ruling by 1/25 on Lesnar's request for a summary judgment in the case. If the ruling is in favor of Lesnar, who could become free to work anywhere including TNA.

- WWE Stocks closed the day at 14.99, a 1.22% increase over Friday's closing. The day's range was 14.76 – 15.07.