Lita Slip Update, Rosey/Jamal, Keibler, Torrie/Candice/Victoria

Rosey and Jamal reunited for the first time in over two years for a dark match prior to Raw last night. The 3 Minute Warning should be appearing on television very soon.

Footage of Stacy Keibler on "Dancing with the Stars" has been airing on Raw instead of on Smackdown, even though Stacy Keibler is a member of Smackdown and not Raw. The reason for this is because UPN would not allow footage from a rival network, that being ABC, to air on their own network. WWE still wants to promote Stacy's appearances on "Dancing with the Stars" and Raw is pretty much the only show in which they can do so.


The group of Torrie Wilson, Victoria and Candice Michelle are now going to be referred to as "Vince's Devils."

Last night, Raw had to temporarily go black for a few seconds as a precaution from people seeing Lita's breasts exposed. Lita didn't bother to wear pasties or black tape, which is what the WWE Divas usually do when steamy segments such as these arise. They actually were visable for about a second, which caused the sudden blackout as the production crew understandably freaked out from the sight of a visable nipple.