Major Backstage News On Edge-Lita Sex Segment

The "Live Sex Celebration" on RAW last week featuring new WWE Champion Edge and Lita was something that neither were especially comfortable with according to some new reports. It should be noted that there are no indications that they put up any kind of resistance to going forward with the segment.

What might have made things a little uncomfortable however is that Adam "Edge" Copeland recently reconciled with his wife, whom he cheated on with Amy "Lita" Dumas early last year. After a very public breakup between the two took place, including some very powerful words about Copeland from his wife that hit the internet where she accused him of taking steroids, they have since worked to rebuild their relationship in the last few months.

Many people close to the situation both in WWE and close friends have stated that the relationship between Copeland and Dumas never fully continued because of the stress that took place after it was made public all over the internet. The combination of Matt Hardy making the story public, getting released by WWE (which did bother Dumas) and the "whispering" in the workplace every week caused the relationship to not last very long.

It is no secret that Lita has a reputation for being a very private person. Says one WWE source, "She knows she's got a great character who can be a successful heel for a long time to come. The problem is, to cash in she has to play into being a slut, and so she has mixed emotions about it." Based on those around him, Edge appears to be more willing to go along with more "raunchy angles" and do what he is told. However, the segment this past week may have caused some awkwardness for him and his wife. "Adam will do whatever is asked of him," said a close friend of Edge. "He's not the type to put up a stink about it. But he had to limit how far they went with it, so they found a happy medium to keep the company happy." A picture of Lita's exposed left breast during the segment has no doubt made the rounds this week on the internet and probably didn't help matters much either.

News Derived From: Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter

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