Major Backstage News On Sting In TNA

According to backstage sources in TNA, Sting was very sociable with everyone when he was there. He showed up bright and early in great shape, looking ready to go. He was hanging out, joking, talking to, and spending lots of time with all the other wrestlers there. He spent a lot of time talking to Abyss, who he is a big fan of.

When Sting was in TNA previously, he was said to have kind of a bad attitude where he just showed up, did his thing, and left. However things are visibly much different this time.

Word going around now is that Sting is very open to putting people over and doing jobs. He realizes this is his last run and is ready to go. It s said he wants to have fun and help TNA out, more specifically, he wants to help TNA out to the point where they are considered competition for WWE. He has been vocal about his feelings about how wrestling needs competition.

The belief right now is that Sting very well could be to TNA what Terry Funk was to ECW, where he can put over their up and coming wrestlers.

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