Major Inside Update On Raven & TNA Wrestling

In a retraction to an earlier report here on the site, Raven is not on his way out of TNA. In an earlier report, it was said that Raven is on rocky ground with management, but this is not true. His time off of TV has been planned for months, and when he returns the story will focus on the "Controversy in Canada" show where he lost the NWA title.

What is true is that Raven will not get paid during his time off of TV, because his contract is structured so that he is "paid per appearance."

Raven is currently suffering from a severe thyroid problem, from his years of drug (recreational and prescription) abuse. It is causing him to gain weight and making it extremely difficult to drop it, and he is now near the 270lb mark. Raven had tried to keep this issue under wraps from TNA management, so that they would not have to alter the storyline and make more work for them. This is not affecting his role in the company, as many feel that the break is coming at the perfect time.

There is no truth to the earlier reports that TNA is unhappy with Raven. We apologize for the earlier confusion in the report.

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