Major News & Preview For RAW Tonight


With Mr. McMahon still interviewing for the next General Manager of RAW, he took it upon himself to make a huge match based on last week s events.

Last week on RAW, John Cena defeated Shelton Benjamin but was then unceremoniously attacked by Kurt Angle and Daivari. Seeing the brawl, Mr. McMahon ordered a match for this Monday between Angle and Cena. But it won t just be a typical match it ll be a First Blood Match, which ensures that by its very nature things will get out of hand. Who will leave RAW wearing the crimson mask, and who will walk away victorious? Watch RAW (9/8 CT; USA) to find out.

Also, after his latest devastating loss, Shelton Benjamin received a call on his cell phone. Whoever was on the other end of the line will be coming to see Shelton at this week s RAW. Who will it be, and can that person help Shelton get off the losing track?

And Shawn Michaels looked seriously concerned as RAW went off the air last week. He had just received a threat from Mr. McMahon, who took exception to HBK s comments regarding the infamous Montreal Incident of 1997. What will HBK have to say this week, and is Mr. McMahon finished with Michaels? Tune in to RAW to find out.