Mandy Moore Training To Wrestle, Another Storyline Spoiler

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that Mandy Moore is training under Ron Hutchison in Toronto to become a professional wrestler. Previously, Hutchison has trained the likes of Trish Stratus, Gail Kim, Edge and Christian. Moore, 27, appeared on "The Real Gilligan's Island II" and has posed for FHM magazine.

Mike Johnson of is reporting that WWE taped a segment with Josh Matthews and Tim White earlier this week where it was revealed that White actually dropped the shotgun and shot himself in the toe. They show a bandaged up foot. When White is asked if he has any New Years Resolutions, he pulls out a box with rat poison. The poison is dumped down Mathews' throat and the chair that White is sitting on tips over and spills some rat poison on the floor. The segment is being edited and may air as soon as this Friday on SmackDown!.