More Backstage Details On Juventud Guerrera's Release

As noted last week, World Wrestling Entertainment and Juventud Guerrera agreed to terms on his release from the company recently. To many, this release was no surprise and only a matter of time as he had a reputation for being late to shows, being disruptive, unreliable and carrying an unbearable presence backstage since his arrival into the company in late 2005.

One of the "final straws" so to speak regarding his status in WWE had to due with his SmackDown TV match taped on January 3 (airing January 6) against Kid Kash for the WWE Cruiserweight Title. When he was told he was losing the match, he then attempted to take a number of key moves out of the match so that Kash wouldn't kick out of them. During the match, Juventud ended up sandbagging (meaning being uncooperative and was dead-weight for Kash's moves) and even gave Kash a few stiff shots that many of the WWE agents noticed. When the WWE agents took this up with him, he claimed to be injured. Less than 48 hours later, Vince McMahon made the decision to fire him as he was already down on his attitude and in-ring psychology.

The Torch reports that many in WWE described Juventud as an almost delusional egotistical superstar. It is no secret he has always had a big ego, as those who were around him noted that he always referred to himself in the third person, always wore dark sunglasses and acted as if he was on the same level of wrestling stars such as Steve Austin or The Undertaker. To make matters even funnier to some, he felt he was always above some of the newer top stars like Batista and John Cena. His notorious actions caused both Psicosis and Super Crazy to ask WWE management to separate them because they feared they may lose their jobs being associated with him. It should be noted that Psicosis hasn't gotten along with Juventud for years.

Some other highlights from his short WWE career included stories that he was overheard telling some passengers on airplanes that recognized him that he was "The Rock of Mexico" and that he is now as big as The Rock in the United States. It is no secret The Rock was upset with Juventud using his gestures and moves while he was in WCW. Juventud's response was that he had a right to use them since he was as big as The Rock. One report has stated that Vince McMahon could have pushed Juventud's ego even more based on one story during The Mexicools first day in the WWE locker room. During a speech addressing the entire roster, McMahon pointed them out stating that they looked eager and hungry to be there and that others should take a cue from their enthusiasm. As a joke, McMahon added something in the lines of, "Who knows, maybe some day I'll make Juventud the World Champion." Even though it was meant as a joke, Juventud clearly took it to heart not realizing McMahon's tone in that he was saying a good attitude and eagerness could take you far. Says one WWE wrestler about his release, "He probably thinks Triple H or Batista felt threatened by him, and that's why he was fired. He'll never change."

News Derived From: Wade Keller of The Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter