More On Juvi's Release From WWE, More News Inside

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Mike "The Miz" made his last official appearance for Deep South Wrestling last evening. He will now report to OVW where he will start working with Chris Cage as a tag team, which has been in the works for a while.

Michelle McCool returned to Deep South last night after a lengthy absence due to illness. The former Diva Search contestant and current Smackdown interviewer Kristal Marshall was used as a ring announcer for the TV segments as well last evening and former WCW referee Johnny Boone worked the dark matches.

With his release, it is obvious that Juventud will not be in the Triple Threat matches this weekend. Following up on Juvi's release, it appears that he had been warned by management several times about his behavior, so much that Psicosis and Super Crazy distanced themselves and refused to travel with him. What seemed to cause the release is that Juvi and Kid Kash went over their scheduled match time by several minutes on Tuesday's Smackdown tapings. This was expected and should not come as a surprise. are directly linking to's Dancing with the Stars online voting page. A "VOTE NOW" headline is the main story on This move will definately give Stacy an advantage over the other contestants as they probably aren't getting assistance from a big popular site such as