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Brock Lesnar arrived to Japan last week with the former Rena "Sable" Mero. It looks she will have to be referred to as Rena Lesnar now as Brock referred to her as his wife upon his arrival to Japan. Apparently, the two reconciled and have recently gotten married. Brock and Rena are now living together in a house either next door or right down the street from Road Warrior Animal (Joe Laurinaitis) in the Minneapolis area. Lesnar hinted that Sable would come down to ringside as his second for his title match with Nakamura, but it didn't occur. Lesnar is 28 years old, whereas Rena is 38 years old. Many people don't believe the age that Sable claims she really is as she looks somewhat older facially than the average 38 year old female. She was really only 35 years old when she returned to WWE in 2003, an age hardly anyone could believe as most people thought she was well into her forties at the time, even three years ago. However, she's been involved in enough legal stuff which included her real birthday, which is August 8, 1967, and thus she really is 38 years old. She was Lesnar's current age, 28, when she signed her first WWE contract in 1996.

On the USA Network last night, when Lita's nipple was visable, they quickly went to black. Although, on the Sky Sports broadcast of Raw in the the UK, the screen didn't go black. However, what did happen is that when the cameraman realized what he just shot, he quickly moved the camera away from ringside and to a shot of the crowd. Thanks to PCWSpunkmaster for the info. posted several photos of "Vince's Devils" from last night on Raw.

Apparently, WWE did a photoshoot of several of the WWE Divas in cheerleader outfits several months ago. However, WWE never released the photos because three of the divas that participated in this shoot were suddenly gone from the company soon after the shoot took place. Jackie Gayda and Joy Giovanni participated in the shoot, although, they were suddenly released in July. Lauren Jones also appeared in the shoot, but she left in June to go film a reality show of some sort. She was on pay-per-appearance deal though. The WWE auction site are auctioning off Joy Giovanni's autographed K-SWISS sneakers from the photo shoot.