More WWE News: Leyla, Cena, Jericho, Guerrero, & More

Todd Montgomery sent this in: Just wanted to tell you that I was watching "Deal or No Deal" on TV and noticed that one of the girls on there is Leyla who was the runner up to Ashley on the last Raw Diva Search and figured all of you may like to know.

Richard Bermingham sent this in: I just wanted to point out that on the promo that ran on Smackdown, December 30th, promoting the return of Fit Finlay he points out how he is from Belfast, which as most people would know, is in Northern Ireland-a part of the United Kingdom. However, at the end of the promo they show his new logo over a Republic of Ireland flag-traditionally a tricolor of green white and orange. The Northern Irish flag has a St. George's cross defaced with a red hand, a six pointed star, and a crown. This might not seem like a big deal to some people, but to me, an Irishman, it kinda ticks me off that once again WWE forgets the differences between Northern Ireland and The Republic.

Cody Drennen sent this in: I just bought the new "American Pie Band Camp" DVD from the store and I opened it up and John Cena is inside advertising RAW on Monday nights. It is the one where it says John Cena Champ.

Erin Hayes sent this in: I was watching a program on MuchMusic called video on trial and it just so happened that Chris Jericho was one of the guest judges.

Jon Edgar sent this in: I don t know if this piece of information is newsworthy for your website, but in yesterday s edition of The Sun newspaper in the UK, Eddie Guerrero s death was mentioned once again in an end of year review segment along with other famous celebrities and dignitaries who have died during 2005. What s really amazing is, Eddie s death was reported alongside that of Pope John Paul II. Wrestling might be popular over here in the UK, but to see a wrestling-related news item in a mainstream newspaper is quite rare. It was a nice touch though.