More WWE News: Lita's Store, Hardy Injured, Regal, & More

Lita's charity A.D.O.R.E (Amy Dumas Operation Rescue & Education), has opened up an online store. The store sells various items bearing the A.D.O.R.E logo. Here is the personal message Lita left. As she says, all money made from the site benefits animals. Welcome to my new online store! Thanks for stopping by. Together we can make a difference! Promote A.D.O.R.E. and Spay/Neuter, because homeless pets are dying for us to CUT IT OUT! Please feel free to browse my store and buy anything you like! All profits benefit the animals! Take Care – Amy

Matt Hardy worked the Armageddon pay-per-view last month with a staph infection in his left hand.

The Eddie Guerrero autobiography, "Cheating Death, Stealing Life," has gotten off to a disappointing start in sales. It's well behind the Shawn Michaels book, which has been out a month, and that hasn't sold too well either.

The Lilsboys over at The Sun in the UK have an interview up on their website with William Regal. Regal talks about his pat addictions and gives an update on Eugene's drug rehab. He noted that Dinsmore is doing good and should be back soon.,,2003560001-2006000123,00.html