News on the Rock, Austin free from WWE, Goldberg to TNA rumors, site changes and more

Gridiron Gang, the latest movie starring The Rock, has been receiving favorable reviews from those who have attended special screenings of the film. It should be noted that Be Cool, which starred The Rock, also received favorable reviews at screenings only to be hammered by critics when it was released.

Steve Austin's scheduled film The Condemned is still in limbo as far as when production begins. It was supposed to start in March, which is why Austin opted not to go forward with his planned WrestleMania match with Hulk Hogan, however it's still unknown when production will begin. As it stands, Austin is still out as far as a match with WrestleMania goes, which has left WWE struggling to find a suitable replacement for a dream match (I don't think Vince McMahonShawn Michaels quite cuts it).

Meanwhile, Austin's contract is only for 3 movies and is not a wrestling contract so he is free to wrestle anywhere at this point. It is highly unlikely (actually almost impossible) that Austin would ever go to TNA due to his heat with the Jarretts.

There have been rumblings that TNA has been talking with Goldberg about coming in. Apparently the talks are in the preliminary stages.

As you may have noticed, there have been some changes made to the site. We have added a weekly poll, as well as fewer ads and a new Top Stories section, which tracks the more major stories going on. Also, we have added a Links section for both wrestling and non-wrestling sites (if you would like your website to appear on it, click here).

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