Official WWE RAW Preview For Next Week - Royal Rumble

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Road to the Rumble
January 23, 2006

Last week on RAW, WWE Champion Edge attacked John Cena just when it looked like Cena was going to beat the Master Lock Challenge. Later on RAW, Cena returned the favor when he attacked Edge after the Rated R Superstar's successful title defense against Ric Flair in a brutal TLC Match. With their Royal Rumble battle looming, what will these two Superstars do next to ensure they have the momentum heading into the match? Watch RAW to find out.


One week after beating Big Show at New Year's Revolution, Triple H attacked Show during his match against Shelton Benjamin. The interference cost Big Show the match, as he and The Game battled all the way back to the locker room area. Will these two finally put their bitter rivalry to an end this week on RAW?

Also, what's the deal with Mickie James? After Trish tagged Ashley into the ring last week, Mickie also came into the ring and attacked her own partner, Ashley. The move cost Mickie, Trish & Ashley the match against Victoria, Torrie & Candice. How much longer can Trish put up with Mickie's actions?

For all this and more, watch Monday Night RAW on USA (9/8 CT).