Royal Rumble, New Talent, Paul Heyman News, & More has added a section full of predictions with some current and former WWE stars regarding the Royal Rumble PPV this Sunday. Some of the names include Mick Foley, Chris Jericho, Jimmy Hart and Kevin Nash (who is still under contract with TNA).

WWE acknowledged the big 4.5 rating they hit for RAW this past Monday night in a quick statement.

There is a poll up regarding some new Matt Hardy t-shirts.

Dalip "Giant" Singh made his debut down in Deep South Wrestling last night.

Paul Heyman worked the DSW TV taping last night and continues to book OVW. He will also host the next ECW DVD release which is due out on 2/7.

OVW's Matt Cappotelli had a biopsy done on the tumor doctors found in him this past Thursday. No word yet on the results.