Royal Rumble Notes, Foley & Christy Hemme Update


In yesterday s Miami Herald featured an article regarding Royal Rumble press conference. In the article it noted that Rey Mysterio dedicated winning the match to Eddie Guerrero, and Triple H said in his promo, "'With respect to Rey Mysterio, I've actually never heard somebody dedicate a loss to somebody If you think that you're going to the Royal Rumble and that you're going to win, I've got news for you. I don't care if Eddie Guerrero reaches down out of the sky and helps you himself — it's not going to happen.'

Also in today s Inquirer in The Philippines featured an article on Mick Foley's charity work.

The Lingerie Bowl issued a press release stating the schedule for the Lingerie Bowl playoffs this Saturday, known as "Garter & Lace Championship Saturday," will feature the Eastern final pitting Chicago Bliss against back-to-back Eastern champion New York Euphoria and the Western final with Dallas Desire versus back-to-back Lingerie Bowl champions Los Angeles Temptation. The two winners will advance to the Lingerie Bowl ( on Super Bowl Sunday, February 5. The winning teams would face off during the Super Bowl Halftime on PPV with Christy Hemme appearing as a celebrity quarterback.