Styles-Vince Backstage Update, SmackDown! Rating, More


As noted several days ago, Vince McMahon gave Joey Styles a meeting two weeks ago prior to RAW letting him know that he needed to work on his announcing style. Vince was very open about telling Styles what he was doing wrong and what he wanted from him. Sources report that Joey is going to need to learn that he is not calling 'ECW matches' and that if he wants to stay on RAW long-term, he'll need to change his ways. Styles is a great play by play announcer, although WWE has one way and that is Vince's way. Styles has been very vocal in the past about WWE's over-the-top storylines. He was also nearly silent for the sex segment on RAW last night. It's amazing what a WWE contract can do to one person.

The 1/6 edition of Smackdown did a 3.1 broadcast rating.