The Latest On The Rock vs. HBK, More News

In a recent interview with video game website Shawn Michaels discussed, among other things, this year's WrestleMania. Michaels said that he wanted to do something special for the PPV this year, and had suggested working with The Rock. When The Rock was made the offer, he shot it down because of the fact that he was treated so badly by Michaels when he first broke into the WWE. As we've reported in the past, The Rock has publicly said that he wouldn't want to face Michaels because he has never forgotten what he did to him.

On the subject of the HBK/Angle feud, Michaels said that he thinks the feud will be put on hold for awhile while Kurt is wrestling with the SmackDown brand. He talked about possibly doing some type of marathon match with Angle at WM, but said that with all the matches they have done recently, they don't want to let one get lost in the shuffle. He also said that fans have come to expect great things when the two of them are in the ring together.