Title Match Added To Royal Rumble, HBK & More

Source: PWInsider.com

Shawn Michaels was recently interviewed by IGN.com. In the interview, when WrestleMania was mentioned, Michaels said that he was trying to find something special that he's never done before for the PPV and suggested working The Rock, but Rock shot down the idea. Rock has publicly downplayed the idea of facing Michaels before as he has never forgotten how he was treated while he was breaking into the business.

When he was asked about Kurt Angle in a Marathon match in the future, Michaels said, "I think it would be wonderful, but like Triple H and HBK I think you've seen a lot of Kurt Angle and Shawn Michaels so you might want to let it rest for a little while. Although there are some fans who, because Kurt and I have delivered each time we've been in the ring together, that pure wrestling fans don't get tired of us. But with Kurt going to Smackdown, it will probably be quite some time before we hook up again. It has been a joy and it has been a lot of fun to not only wrestle each other, but get to know each other. Again, we've been able to create something special and that was important to him, it was important to me, and like Triple H/HBK or Flair/Steamboat, we've established the fact that anytime you put us in the ring together, it's going to be something special, and there aren't a lot of guys you can do that with. I'm proud to have been able to have the opportunity to do that with him."

The same video of Shaquile O'Neal and Carlito on WWE.com aired on ESPN's late-night edition of Sportscenter tonight. The SC anchors made no mention of this Sunday's Royal Rumble PPV. However, they did make a joke about Shaq's road to WrestleMania.

Rick Rude and Ernie Ladd are being added by Jakks Pacific to the WWE Classic Superstars action figure line.

A new match has been added to this Sunday s WWE Royal Rumble. WWE Cruiserweight champion Kid Kash defending the title in a "Cruiserweight Invitational."