TNA Final Resolution Results (1/15/06): Sting Returns, New Champions!

TNA Final Resolution Results (1/15/06): Sting Returns, New Champions!

Event: TNA Final Resolution Pay Per View Results
Date: Sunday, January 15th, 2006
Location: Soundstage 21 at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
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The TNA promo hits. A video package airs highlighting Sting's return to TNA tonight and both Jeff Jarrett and Monty Brown reflecting on why they feel it will fail. Other TNA stars such as Christian Cage, AJ Styles, Chris Sabin and Sonjay Dutt commenting on why they feel Sting's return is needed is also shown. We see shots of Sting saying he is coming to TNA as the package comes to a close.

An opening graphic hits welcoming us to Final Resolution. We see the crowd at the Impact Zone in Orlando, FL at Universal Studios. A display of pyro goes off above the ring and in the entranceway as the fans cheer in Orlando.

Alex Shelley, Austin Aries & Roderick Strong make their way to the ring to start off the first match.


Matt Bently, Chris Sabin & Sonjay Dutt vs. Alex Shelley, Austin Aries & Roderick Strong
Chris Sabin is sporting a new look with shorter blonde hair. The match starts with Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin. Both lock up and Shelley gets in a quick right hand. Sabin flips out of the way from Shelley, gets in a boot to the face, flips off the top and takes out Shelley with an arm drag. Sabin kicks Shelley in the back and then follows that up with another big kick to the head. Sonjay Dutt gets the tag, getting powerbombed from Sabin onto Shelley. Shelley bites the thumb of Dutt when he picks him up. Roderick Strong gets the tag, attempts two moves, but Dutt hits an arm drag. Dutt flips out of another attempt by Strong and into another big arm drag. Matt Bently gets the tag, taking out Strong with a few rights. Strong works on the arm of Bently, backing him to the corner. Bently comes back with some stiff rights followed by an arm drag. Strong works on Bently's arm and then tags in Austin Aries. Bently and Sabin takes out Aries with some rights and Bently follows that up with a northern lights suplex that results in a two count. Bently works on the left arm of Aries and then tags in Dutt.


Dutt misses Aries in the corner, getting elevated to the ring apron. Dutt then grabs the arm of Aries, does the "sprinkler" move across the top rope, but Strong trips up DUtt. Strong takes out Sabin and Bently. Aries and Strong hold Dutt up and Shelley jumps off the top, jumping down on the chest of Dutt. Shelley covers, but only gets a two count. We then see Dave Hebner, the new TNA management consultant in the crowd, watching from the crowd. In the ring, Strong takes out Dutt with a double-hook suplex that results in a two count. Strong chops Dutt and tags in Aries. Aries springboards off the ropes and lands on the back of Dutt. Aries follows that up with a back suplex on Dutt that results in a two count. Aries throws Dutt over the top rope, kicks him in the chest two times and Strong throws Dutt off. Strong goes down with Dutt, gets in a cheap shot and throws him back in the ring. We then see Jerry Lynn looking on at ringside as well. Shelley catapults Dutt up and Strong takes him out with a dropkick off the top. Aries hits a diving headbutt and Shelley applies a modified crossface on Dutt. Shelley kicks Dutt in the head on the ground and then tags in Strong. Strong, Aries and Shelley all lift Dutt up and slam him back down hard on the mat. Strong covers, but only gets a two count.


Dutt attempts a comeback with some kicks to the chest, but Strong throws him back down. Dutt then spins around Strong and hits a quick DDT! Sabin gets the tag and kicks Shelley in the gut when he jumps off the top. Sabin then puts Shelley in the tree of woe in the corner and hits a baseball slide and a big dropkick to the face. Sabin dodges Strong, hits a kick to the gut, bounces off Aries and Shelley and hits a DDT on Strong. Sabin takes out Shelley with a kick to the back of the head on Shelley, goes for the Cradle Shock, Shelley counters and Sabin hits another kick to the head. Bently hits an elbow drop on Shelley. Aries gets thrown out by Bently and Bently takes out Shelley with a quick arm drag. Strong breaks up a pinfall and hits a big backbreaker on Bently. Dutt is in and he hits a huge flipping inverted DDT on Strong. Dutt goes up to the top, but Aries throws him. Aries then goes up to the top, but Sabin throws him off. Sabin goes off the ropes, dives through the second rope and takes out Aries on the outside. In the ring, Bently takes out Shelley with a face plant. Strong then nails Bently with a big dropkick as Bently was to superkick Shelley. Strong puts Bently on his shoulders, Bently falls off and Traci distracts Strong. Bently hits a superkick on Strong, but Shelley quickly rolls up Bently and gets the pinfall.


Winners: Alex Shelley, Austin Aries & Roderick Strong

After the match, Alex Shelley celebrates noting he held the tights and quickly leaves the ring. Bently, Sabin and Dutt are shown frustrated about the loss in the ring.

We go to ringside with Mike Tenay & Don West. They rundown the card tonight: Rhino vs. Abyss, AMW vs. Team 3D for the NWA World Tag Team Titles, Samoa Joe vs. Christopher Daniels for the X Division Title and Sting & Christian Cage vs. Jeff Jarrett & Monty Brown.

A promo airs highlighting the events involving the previous 4 Live Kru when Konnan turned on BG James and Kip James. We see how Ron "The Truth" Killings reacted to it and how Bob Armstrong tried to fix things between all four men. This leads into Konnan taking out Bob Armstrong with his new Latin American Exchange group with Apolo and Homicide.

The James Gang vs. The Diamonds In The Rough is up next.

The James Gang vs. The Diamonds In The Rough
"Get It, Got It, Good" is the new slogan ending for The James Gang. Jeremy Borash notes in the intro that this is the first time these two have teamed up in TNA history. THe match starts with BG James and Elix Skipper. Skipper goes behind BG, goes off the ropes and Skipper takes out BG with a shoulder block. Skipper taunts at BG and then BG runs at him. Skipper works on the arm of BG and then hits a quick suplex. Skipper hits another shoulder block and continues to taunt at BG. Skipper then kicks BG in the gut when BG goes for a lock up. Skipper taunts BG some more, sends him into the ropes, but BG comes back with some lefts and then a big right. BG hits the shake, rattle and roll knee drop on Skipper. When he covers Skipper, Skipper props up in a Matrix style. Kip James gets the tag and then Skipper tags in David Young. Kip tells Skipper to "SUCK THAT" as he motions towards him. Kip and Young lock up and they get broken up in the corner. Kip hits a shoulder block on Young. Young doesn't budge and tells Kip to do it again. Young leans down and Kip kicks him in the face. Kip hits a leap frog on Young. Skipper comes in, they attempt a double-team, but Kip takes out Skipper and Young with a double arm drag. BG clotheslines Skipper and Young to the outside as Simon Diamond yells on.


Kip talks down Simon Diamond as Young and BG go at it in the ring. In the ring, Young hits a big spinebuster on BG. Kip jumps back up to the ring apron and Young taunts at him. Skipper gets the tag and he works on the back of BG. Skipper hits a snapmare on BG and follows that up with a kick to the back. Skipper covers BG, but only gets a two count. Skipper nails BG off the corner, tags in Young, Skipper hits a drop toe hold and Young follows that up with a dropkick to the head. Young covers, but only gets a two count. Young misses a moonsault on BG. Kip gets the tag and takes out Young and Skipper. Kip hits a powerslam on Young and then nails Diamond on the ring apron. Kip misses a corner splash on Skipper. Skipper flips back in and hits a lariat on Kip. Skipper covers, but BG breaks up the pinfall. BG attempts a pump handle slam on Skipper, but Young breaks it up. In the ring, Skipper attempts the Play of the Day, but Kip counters that into a big jumping inverted DDT. Kip covers Skipper and gets the pinfall.

Winners: The James Gang

After the match, both BG & Kip James celebrate the win.

Backstage, Shane Douglas is with Christopher Daniels. Douglas brings up the return of Sting and how Daniels might have returned from his concussion maybe too soon according to some rumors. Daniels said it is more amazing that it took Joe six months to utter any words about him. He said Joe might have choked out a lot of guys in TNA, but he isn't on that list. Daniels tells Joe to look in his eyes and ask himself if he looks like someone who is scared to bleed for what he believes in. He said Joe believes no one in the X Division can stop him. Daniels said he begs to differ and believes there is no you, but only him. He said he will spread his finest gospel at his expense and that Joe should say his final prayers.


International X Division Showcase
AJ Styles vs. Tanahashi (of New Japan Pro Wrestling)

The fans give Tanahashi a warm welcome in Orlando, complete with streamers. The match starts with a lock up, Tanahashi going behind Styles and then both backing off. They circle the ring, lock up, Tanahashi goes behind Styles and then works on Styles' arm a few times. Styles comes behind Tanahashi and works on his arm as well. Tanahashi hits a big dropkick and then a quick arm drag on Styles. Styles comes back with an arm drag on Tanahashi, but Tanahashi hits another arm drag as well. Tanahashi keeps Styles down on the mat and works on his left arm. Styles gets in a few elbows on Tanahashi, hits a leap frog and then a huge dropkick to the face as Tanahashi came off the ropes. Styles attempts a jump over the top rope, but stops himself and lands on the ring apron as Tanahashi avoids Styles. Tanahashi comes back in the ring and both exchange some chest chops. Styles hits a scoop slam on Tanahashi followed by a big knee drop to the head. Styles hooks the leg, but only gets a two count. Tanahashi comes back with some elbows and then a big release german suplex on Styles.

Tanahashi then hits a big forearm shot on Styles followed by a big flipping leg drop. Styles attempts a comeback, but Tanahashi quickly counters that into an abdominal stretch. Tanahashi applies pressure on Styles as the crowd cheers loudly for Styles. Styles fights out of the abdominal stretch and gets to the ropes. Tanahashi gets in a few kicks on Styles on the ground. Styles gets in a few shots to the gut on Styles. Tanahashi then applies a sleeper on Styles. Tanahashi changes that into a dragon sleeper. Tanahashi then picks up Styles, spinning him around into an elbow to the gut. Tanahashi covers Styles, but only gets a two count. Tanahashi hits a scoop slam on Styles, goes up to the top, jumps, attempts an elbow drop, but Styles rolls out of the way. Styles comes back with one kick and then a second to the back of the head taking out Tanahashi. Styles hits two clotheslines on Tanahashi, attempts a suplex, Tanahashi fights it off and then lifts Styles over the top rope on the ring apron. Styles then comes back with a springboard off the top rope and taking out Tanahashi with a big elbow.


Styles hits a big flipping inverted DDT on Tanahashi. Tanahashi fights back with a boot in the corner. Styles hits an elbow, jumps up, Tanahashi grabs Styles, applies a full nelson and goes into a full nelson slam. Tanahashi covers Styles, but only gets a two count. Tanahashi gets in a few elbows on Styles, Styles misses a wild kick. Tanahashi hits a sledgehammer to the head into a sleeper. Tanahashi hits a kick to the head followed by a big jumping inverted DDT. Tanahashi covers Styles, but gets yet another two count. Tanahashi nails Styles face first off the corner. Tanahashi props Styles up to the top. Styles gets in a few right hands. Tanahashi headbutts Styles, grabs him, attempts a back suplex, but Styles counters that into a body splash on the mat when both fall back. Both exchange a few go-behinds when Shannon Moore hits the ring. Moore nails Tanahashi with the Mr. TNA 2005 award. Styles then takes out Moore with the pele kick. Moore rolls out of the ring. Styles grabs Tanahashi and hits the Styles Clash. Styles covers Tanahashi...1...2...3.

Winner: AJ Styles

After the match, AJ Styles tells Tanahashi that he didn't want to win that way. Tanahashi sees the Mr. TNA 2005 award and gives it to Styles. Tanahashi raises the arm of Styles. Shannon Moore then hits the ring again and steals the award away from Styles yet again.


- A video package airs highlighting Raven's events in TNA in the last few months when Raven was screwed out of the NWA World Title in Canada and the battle Raven has had with Larry Zbyzsko's ever since then.

Backstage, Shane Douglas is with Raven. Douglas notes how Larry Zbyzsko has treated Raven in TNA. Raven calls Zbyzsko a bully, saying he has taken his actions to all new heights. He said Zbyzsko has made his life a living hell. Raven said wrestling is his love, it's the one thing at night that keeps him from blowing his brains out. He said Zbyzsko should have more important things to do like paper work or tossing salads. Raven said either way, someone is getting hurt tonight...quote the Raven, nevermore.

In the ring, we see Larry Zbyzsko. He said if Raven wins tonight, he gets an NWA World Title shot. If he loses, Raven is gone from TNA. Zbyzsko introduces Raven's opponent tonight...Sean Waltman.

* If Raven wins, he gets an NWA World Title shot
* If Raven loses, he is gone from TNA
Raven vs. Sean Waltman

The match starts with Raven bringing a cart to the ring full of weapons. He throws the cart into Waltman. Raven chases after Larry Zbyzsko, but Waltman takes out Raven with a shot to the head with a garbage can lid. Waltman throws Raven in the ring and hits him over the back with a kendo stick. Waltman grabs a garbage can, misses a shot on Raven, Raven hits Waltman with a lid, but Waltman also connects on Raven with the garbage can. Raven falls to the outside through the ropes. Raven is now busted open at this point as Zbyzsko taunts at him from the ringside area. TNA Security holds Raven back when Waltman jumps over the top rope and takes out Raven. Waltman gets the shopping cart and rams it into Raven a few times. Waltman continues doing this, backing Raven up the heel ramp. Raven comes back with a shot to the head with a garbage can lid. Raven does this a second time on Waltman followed by a third shot. Raven puts Waltman in the shopping cart and rolls him off the top, allowing Waltman to crash to the concrete. Raven comes down with Waltman, ramming the shopping cart into him. Raven throws Waltman back in the ring and grabs a table from under the ring.


Raven also pulls a ladder from under the ring and puts the table and ladder inside the ring. Raven misses a clothesline on Waltman, taking out the referee instead. Raven then hits the Raven Effect DDT on Waltman, but the referee is knocked out. Raven crawls over and sees the referee knocked out. Waltman charges at Raven with a trash can, but Raven kicks it back into Waltman. Raven covers Waltman, Larry Zbyzsko comes in as the active referee, counts the pinfall slowly and Waltman kicks out. Waltman then takes out Raven from the corner, covers Raven and Zbyzsko also counters another pinfall when Raven kicks out after two. Waltman puts the ladder against the bottom corner and slams Raven with a weight belt a few times. Waltman props Raven up on the ladder. Waltman charges, but Raven moves and Waltman hits the Bronco Buster on the ladder. Raven covers Waltman and Waltman kicks out after two after another slow Zbyzsko pinfall count. Raven stares down Zbyzsko and then sits up the table. Raven grabs the ladder and sets that over the table a bit. Raven grabs Waltman by the hair, climbs up the ladder, Zbyzsko trips up Raven, Waltman grabs Raven and jumps off the ladder, hitting the X-Factor through the table. Waltman covers Raven, Zbyzsko counts...1...2...Raven puts his foot on the bottom rope...Zbyzsko counts to 3. Zbyzsko declares Waltman the winner.


Winner: Sean Waltman

After the match, Sean Waltman celebrates as Mike Tenay & Don West note on commentary that Raven's foot touched the bottom rope. Jeremy Borash then announces on the mic that as a result of the finish, Raven must now leave TNA. Larry Zbyzsko gets on the mic, noting this was do or die. Zbyzsko said it looks like Raven died. He asks for some security to come down and escort Mr. Raven out of his arena. TNA Security surround the ring. The crowd in the Impact Zone start a loud "RAVEN" chant. Cassidy Riley then comes down the ramp, yelling at Zbyzsko. Raven tells Riley to stop. Raven waves to the crowd and leaves the ring as Don West slaps Raven on the back, saying he got robbed. We see a shot of Riley looking on with a sad look on his face.

Backstage, Shane Douglas is with Ron "The Truth" Killings. Douglas notes the two victories Killings got over Bobby Roode on iMPACT! two weeks ago. Killings agrees with that, saying he is an innovator in TNA when Konnan walks up. Konnan asks why Killings doesn't return his calls. Killings said he has no more drama in his life and that he is happy. Konnan said Killings needs to trust him. Killings said he doesn't know who to trust. Konnan asks him if he thinks if he would do that to him. He brings up that Killings has no back-up tonight against Team Canada. Konnan said LAX has his back.


Back at ringside, Mike Tenay & Don West reflect on Raven now being gone from TNA and how he first came into the promotion when he stole the NWA World Title from Jeff Jarrett and when he finally won the title at Slammiversary back in June of 2005.

Backstage, we see Raven leaving the Impact Zone. Larry Zbyzsko appears, throwing his bags at him telling him to have a nice trip. Jackie Gayda walks up and notes that she has a lot in common with Raven right now, how they are both getting screwed by TNA management. Gayda leaves to the back and Zbyzsko tells Raven to leave.

Ron "The Truth" Killings vs. Bobby Roode
The bell rings and both circle around the ring. They lock up, Killings gets a quick roll-up on Roode, but Roode kicks out after two. Roode slaps Killings away. Killings slaps Roode back. Killings gets another quick roll-up on Roode that results in another two count. Roode leaves the ring frustrated, speaking with Scott D'Amore. Roode gets back in, Killings trips him up and works on his head. Roode counters that, working on the arm of Killings. Killings applies a headlock into a takedown. Killings lands on the chest of Roode, getting a two count. Roode counters that back into a headlock, Killings hits a sunset flip and gets a two count. Roode gets a pinfall, two count, Killings gets a pinfall, two count, two more pinfalls and they then break it up staring each other down. Roode leaves the ring, saying "THAT IS IT" and starts walking up the ramp when Scott D'Amore stops him. Killings then jumps over the top rope and takes out Roode on the outside. Roode then comes back, lifting Killings up and slamming him against the steel ring post. Roode comes back in the ring and gets in the face of the referee. On the outside, D'Amore gets in a cheap shot on Killings and throws him back in the ring.


Roode covers Killings, but only gets a two count. Roode throws Killings into the corner and gets in some quick kicks. Roode distracts the referee allowing D'Amore to choke Killings. Roode knees Killings in the gut, throws Killings on the top rope, Killings bounces off and flips back into the ring. Roode then applies an abdominal stretch on Killings. D'Amore puts the hockey stick in the ring and Roode holds onto it to help apply more pressure on Killings. They dodge the referee two times, but on the third attempt the referee sees it. Roode is forced to let go and D'Amore falls back hitting the ring barricade. Killings then gets in a quick roll-up on Roode, but that only results in a two count. Roode hits a lariat on Killings followed by a scoop slam. Roode goes up to the top, jumps and hits a big knee to the head. Roode covers...1...2...Killings kicks out. Roode applies a modified bear hug as Killings gets to his feet. Roode cuts off Killings, pulling him back hitting a forearm to the lower back. Roode nails Killings off the corner face first. Killings comes back with a big dropkick to the chest of Roode when Roode charged at him. Killings flips up to the top and connects with a missile dropkick on Roode.


Both get up, Killings dodges a right from Roode and hits a right of his own. Killings hits some more rights and another stiff shot. Killings hits a jumping forearm on Roode, covers, but only gets a two count. Killings favors his right arm a bit. Killings then nails Roode with a big side kick. Killings covers Roode, but gets another two count. Killings puts Roode up on the top, attempts a superplex, Roode gets in a few shots to the side and gives Killings a front suplex off the top. Roode hits a cross-body off the top, but Killings rolls that over into a pinfall of his own that results in a two count. Konnan comes down the ramp as Killings kicks Roode in the gut. Konnan gets up on the ring apron, distracting Killings. This allows Roode to hit the Northern Lariat on Killings and get the pinfall.

Winner: Bobby Roode

After the match, Konnan speaks with Ron "The Truth" Killings. Konnan tries to explain, telling him to not listen to the people and tries to hug him. Killings pushes Konnan away. BG James then runs down, saying he sees a family reunion. BG said he is going to beat Konnan's ass when he hits the ring. Homicide then hits the ring and both Konnan and Homicide beat down BG James. Kip James runs down with a steel chair and nails Homicide. Ron Killings avoids getting involved with anything as BG & Kip stare down Konnan.


Backstage, Shane Douglas is with James Mitchell and Abyss. Douglas asks Mitchell what he thinks about the arrival of Sting. Mitchell says it shows that the war has begun and that the lines have been drawn. He said business tonight involves Rhino, calling him a mammal and that he has lost his way. Mitchell says that will be Abyss' gain tonight. He calls Rhino an endangered species and says when he pushes the detonator, the Weapon of Mass Destruction behind him will destroy anything in his path and that Rhino is scheduled for distinction.

A video package runs showing how Abyss and James Mitchell became involved with Jeff Jarrett's new "clan" along with Team Canada and how he has set his sights on the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. We see how Rhino has become involved and gotten in his way of accomplishing this goal.

Rhino vs. Abyss w/ James Mitchell
The match starts with Abyss going right after Abyss, bringing him into the right. Abyss hits a forearm to the back of Rhino. Rhino comes back with some rights. Rhino blocks an arm drag attempt by Abyss. Rhino then clotheslines Abyss over the top rope. Rhino jumps over the top rope and crashes down on Abyss. Both exchange some lefts and rights near the ring barricade. Abyss nails Rhino off the ring apron and then looks under the ring, pulling out two steel chairs. Abyss cracks the steel chair over the back of Rhino two times. Abyss then drives into into the neck of Rhino. Abyss throws some more steel chairs into the ring. Rhino nails Abyss, throws him back in the ring, Rhino hits a snapmare followed by a dropkick to the back and a leg drop. Rhino covers, but only gets a two count. Abyss then fires back, sending Rhino into the corner with force. Abyss positions a steel chair between the top and second rope. Abyss grabs Rhino, sends him into the corner, Rhino puts on the breaks, Abyss kicks Rhino in the gut and then finally throws him face first into the steel chair with force. Abyss chokes Rhino on the second rope in the corner a bit as Abyss scares the referee out of the ring.


Abyss nails Rhino with a big chest slap in the corner and then applies a modified headlock. Rhino fights back, but Abyss quickly comes back with a big boot on Rhino. Abyss covers, but only gets a two count. Abyss applies another head vice when Rhino fights back, putting Abyss on his shoulders and dropping him down hard on the mat with force. The fans can't believe that Rhino just powered Abyss down to the mat off his shoulders. Rhino takes out Abyss with a quick clothesline followed by a big shoulder block in the corner. Rhino grabs a steel chair and nails Abyss. Rhino hits Abyss a second time with the steel chair. The crowd chants "ONE MORE TIME" as Rhino nails Abyss for a third time with the steel chair. Rhino then sits down in the corner looking to get ready for the Gore when James Mitchell trips up Rhino. Abyss grabs the steel chain. With the referee distracted, Abyss nails Rhino in the head with the steel chain. Abyss throws them out, covers Rhino, but only gets a two count. Mitchell then jumps up to the ring apron, telling Abyss to finish Rhino off. Rhino then comes out of no where with a big spinebuster on Abyss! Rhino then calls for the Rhino Driver. Rhino picks up Abyss, pulls him to the corner, but Mitchell holds the leg of Abyss.


Both exchange a few takedown attempts when Abyss then attempts a Chokeslam on Rhino. Rhino kicks Abyss in the gut to dodge it. When Rhino comes around, Abyss connects with the Black Hole Slam on Rhino right on top of the steel chairs that were brought into the ring earlier in the match. Abyss hooks the leg of Rhino and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Abyss

After the match, James Mitchell comes in and celebrates the win with Abyss. Abyss taunts to the crowd in the Impact Zone.

Backstage, Shane Douglas brings up the tag team title history of Team 3D in ECW, WCW and WWE. Brother Ray brings up names like Dory & Terry Funk, The Road Warriors, The Midnight Express and others. Ray says tonight is destiny for Team 3D. Tonight is the night for them to stand along with other tag team greats in NWA tag team title history. Brother Devon said AMW picked the wrong team to screw with and said they will do everything they have to do to become the new NWA World Tag Team Champions.

A video package airs highlighting the events between America's Most Wanted and Team 3D and how tonight could be Team 3D's final destiny at Final Resolution with the NWA World Tag Team Titles on the line.

NWA World Tag Team Championship Match
America's Most Wanted (c's) w/ Gail Kim vs. Team 3D

Jeremy Borash does introductions for both AMW and Team 3D. The match starts with James Storm and Brother Devon. Both lock up and Devon shoves Storm away. Devon gets a quick takedown on Storm, both roll around a bit exchanging reversals until Storm gets in a headlock. Storm takes out Devon with a quick shoulder block, goes off the ropes, leaps over Devon, Devon props up and takes out Storm with an arm drag and a quick dropkick. Devon hits a scoop slam, misses an elbow when Storm moves and then both stare each other down. Chris Harris comes in the ring and gets in a cheap shot on Devon. Storm takes advantage, getting in some rights on Devon and then Harris getting the tag. Devon takes out both members of AMW with a double clothesline. Brother Ray gets the tag, taking out Harris with an arm drag. Harris, now the legal man, tries to get to his feet, but Ray takes him down quickly with a right hand. Ray dodges a roll-up from Harris. Harris then takes out Ray with a jumping clothesline, a pinfall, but Ray quickly kicking out. Both lock up, Ray backs Harris into the corner and the referee tries to break it up when Harris grabs Ray and puts him in the corner. Harris chops Ray. Ray then comes back and chops Harris. Ray gets in an elbow on Harris. Ray goes up to the top, jumps, but Harris dodges a jumping senton splash. Storm gets the tag, jumps in and chokes out Ray with his boot. Storm then chokes Ray with the tap around his wrists.


Harris gets the tag, but gets dumped to the arena floor. Storm tags himself in. Devon gets the tag, goes after Storm and takes him out with a spinning elbow. Devon hits a spinebuster on Storm, covers, but only gets a two count. Ray comes in the ring, gives Storm a scoop slam and Deovn goes up to the top. Devon jumps off the top and headbutts Storm in his groin. Devon does his cross taunt and Ray tells Devon to go get the tables. Both Ray and Devon bring a table out. Storm tries to hit a baseball slide, but Ray and Devon lift it up. They then knock out Storm with the table. Harris then dropkicks the table into Ray and Devon. Storm sets up the table and grabs Devon. Ray nails Storm a few times. Storm then throws Devon back in the ring. In the ring, Harris starts to choke Devon with his wrist tape. Harris takes out Devon with a clothesline with the wrist tap. Storm gets the tag and he works on the neck of Devon. Devon gets in a few shots to the gut on Storm, but Storm comes back with a knee to the gut. Harris gets the tag and misses a charge on Devon in the corner. Devon then takes out Storm. All three men are down as the crowd claps loudly. Ray gets the tag and he takes out Harris with some rights and a hip toss. Ray hits a high back body drop on Storm followed by a double clothesline on both members of AMW. Ray hits a side slam on Harris, covers, but only gets a two count. Ray hits a DDT on Harris after Harris took out Storm on the ring apron.


Harris takes out Devon with a quick suplex. Storm then lifts Ray up and Harris jumps up taking Ray down in a big double-team move. Harris covers Ray, but only gets a two count. AMW then give Devon a double-suplex. Storm then grabs Ray, sets him up for the Death Sentence, Harris is on the top, but Ray knocks him off. Harris jumps up when Devon tries to go to the top. Ray then comes from behind, putting Harris on his shoulders. Ray backs up and Devon hits a big jumping clothesline off the top rope in a tribute to the Road Warriors. Ray covers...1...2...Harris kicks out. Harris then takes out Ray, covers, but only gets a two count. Storm grabs a steel chair on the outside. He has his back turned. Harris leans over to grab him and Storm hits Harris with the chair by accident. Team 3D hit a backwards 3D, a cover, but Harris kicks out after tow. Storm comes in and takes out Devon with a boot. Storm climbs up the corner, but Ray pushes him off and Storm flips off the top crashing through the table. Ray gets in a quick roll-up on Harris, but gets a very close two count. Gail Kim comes in the ring handing Harris some powder. Harris puts it in his hands in front of the referee, but Ray walks up and slaps the hand of Harris. The powder goes into the face of Harris. Team 3D hits the 3D on Harris. They cover...1...2...3. A confusing ending takes place where Team 3D thinks they win the tag team titles. Team Canada then hits the ring and take out Team 3D. The referee then announces AMW as the winners as he was also blinded by the powder that Harris attempted to use earlier. This was either planned as one thing or it turned out as another. Jeremy Borash announces AMW as the winners.


Winners & STILL NWA World Tag Team Champions: America's Most Wanted

Backstage, Shane Douglas is with NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett and Monty Brown. Jarrett said the business has passed Sting by and describes it as a political nightmare. He said the other half of the team they face tonight is nothing more than a mid-card act. Jarrett said Christian turned his back on his brother and Chris Jericho earlier in his career. He said tonight, everyone will realize tonight that TNA will always be Planet Jarrett. Monty Brown said time is up for Sting. He said he can't trust Christian Cage and that he is just mad because he is no longer the flavor of the month. Brown says tonight, somebody will feel...The Pounceeeeee-ahhhhh...period.

A video package airs highlighting the events between Samoa Joe and Christopher Daniels in the last few months and how they will battle for the X Division Title tonight.

X Division Championship Match
Samoa Joe (c) vs. Christopher Daniels

The match starts with Joe attempting a few kicks, Daniels dodging them and getting in a few shots of his own. Joe gets in a few kicks to the gut. Daniels fights off Joe with a few shots in the corner. Daniels continues his speedy attacks, hitting a head scissors takedown followed by a quick huricanranna. Joe comes back with some stiff kicks to the chest of Daniels. Joe hits some chops to the chest on Daniels. Daniels gets a quick roll-up on Joe, gets a two count, another roll-up, but Joe kicks out yet again. Joe applies a surfboard style submission on Daniels. Daniels is able to get his foot on the bottom rope to break the hold. Daniels comes back with some chops on Joe. Daniels hits a springboard moonsault off the ropes, but Joe walks away allowing Daniels to hit the mat with force. Joe kicks Daniels on the corner, picks him up, hits a snapmare, a chop to the back, kick to the chest followed by a double-knee drop on the chest of Daniels. Joe covers, but only gets a two count. Joe chops Daniels, but Daniels comes back with some elbows. Daniels hits a clothesline, Joe won't go down, Daniels hits a dropkick, Joe still won't go down, Daniels goes off the ropes a third time and Joe hits a huge snap powerslam that results in a two count.


Daniels comes back with a boot to the face of Joe followed by a big jawbreaker using both knees! Daniels kicks Joe against the ropes. Joe bounces off and Daniels drives Joe into the mat with his knee. Daniels hits a springboard moonsault on Joe, covers, but Joe kicks out after two. Daniels props Joe up on the corner. Daniels puts Joe on his shoulders and hits a huge death valley driver! The fans can't believe it. Daniels covers Joe...1...2...Joe kicks out. Daniels attempts a huricanranna, but Joe counters that into a powerbomb that results in a two count. Daniels then goes after Joe with some stiff forearms. Daniels kicks Joe back. Daniels misses a kick and Joe quickly jumps in, applying an STF. Daniels somehow moves Joe with him towards the ropes and Daniels gets the bottom rope. Joe has Daniels up on the top rope. Daniels slides off looking to powerbomb Joe, but Joe hits a huricanranna on Daniels! Joe then follows this up with a huge clothesline on Daniels, covers, but only gets a two count. Daniels then comes back with a modified Book End on Joe. Daniels follows this up with the BME (Best Moonsault Ever), covers Joe, but only gets a two count. Joe rolls to the outside. Daniels gets on the ring apron. Joe attempts a sweep, but Daniels dodges it and kicks Joe in the head.


Daniels then jumps over the top rope and connects with an elbow drop to the chest of Joe on the mat! The fans go nuts when they see this. Daniels then rolls Joe back into the ring. When Daniels gets up on the ring apron, Joe nails him with a dropkick. Joe goes off the ropes and hits another dropkick throwing Daniels off the ring apron to the outside. Joe grabs a steel chair and sets it up. Joe puts Daniels on the steel chair, backs up, runs and hits a big boot to the head of Daniels and Daniels hits the steel guard railing on the outside. Daniels grabs his head in pain as Joe picks him up and throws Daniels back in the ring. As Daniels gets to his knees, Joe kicks Daniels in the head. We then see AJ Styles making his way down the ramp watching the match at ringside. Joe picks up Daniels, putting him in the corner nailing some rights. Daniels attempts a comeback with some left and right forearm shots. Daniels attempts the Angel's Wings, but Daniels can't stand up from being too dizzy. Joe then nails Daniels with a kick to the head. Joe then connects with a knee to the head in the corner. Daniels is bloody at this point. Joe puts Daniels on his shoulders and connects with the Muscle Buster. Joe then applies the rear naked choke on Daniels. Daniels fights out of this and kicks until he gets the bottom rope. Joe leaves the ring, stares down AJ Styles and throws the steel chair in the ring behind him.


Joe grabs Daniels, puts him up in the other corner, puts him on his shoulders and connects with the Muscle Buster right on top of the steel chair. Styles looks on in disgust as Joe picks up Daniels, staring down Styles. Joe kicks Daniels in the head a few times. Joe then connects with some stiff knee shots to the head on Daniels. The referee looks on as Joe continues to drive his knee into the head of Daniels. Styles gets up on the ring apron with a towel in his hand. Joe drives his knee even more into the head of Daniels. Styles then throws in the towel. The referee sees this and calls for the bell.

Winner & STILL X Division Champion: Samoa Joe

After the match, AJ Styles attends to a bloody Christopher Daniels as Samoa Joe walks up the ramp with the X Division Title over his shoulder staring down Styles and Daniels in the ring.

A video package runs highlighting the return of Sting to TNA leading up to the big tag team main event tonight with Sting & Christian Cage vs. NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett & Monty Brown.

Backstage, Shane Douglas is with Christian Cage. Douglas notes how we are just moments away from him teaming up with Sting to take on Jeff Jarrett and Monty Brown. Christian Cage asks Douglas if he looks like a guy who can't be trusted. Cage tells anyone to give his brother a call or Chris Jericho a call. He says on second thought, that might not be a good idea. Cage said you should ask all the TNA fans in the Impact Zone. He said he is happy to be in TNA and wants to be here. Cage said he has a lot in common with TNA fans...they all hate Monty Brown and most of all Jeff Jarrett. He said no matter what Stinger shows up tonight, this "mid-card comedy act" is going to save the fans of TNA and win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship...because that's how WE roll.


Sting & Christian Cage vs. NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett w/ Gail Kim & Monty Brown
Sting's entrance got a huge pop from the crowd in the Impact Zone. The crowd started a loud "WELCOME BACK" chant. Sting played off the crowd before the match got underway. The match starts with Christian Cage and Monty Brown. Both lock up, Brown applies a headlock and hits a shoulder block on Cage. Cage takes down Brown, gets a roll-up, but Brown quickly kicks out after one. Brown nails Cage face first off the corner and Jeff Jarrett gets the tag. Jarrett hits some rights on Cage, with a final taking him down. Cage dodges a further attack from Jarrett and does the Jarrett strut to taunt him. Cage grabs Jarrett and looks to tag in Sting. He can't the first time when Jarrett pulls back. Cage finally tags in Sting a second time and the crowd cheers loudly. Sting and Jarrett lock up. Sting takes out Jarrett with a shoulder block. Jarrett attempts a hip toss, but can't. Sting then hits a hip toss on Jarrett followed by a big dropkick that sends Jarrett to the outside. Jarrett and Brown regroup as the fans chant "YOU STILL GOT IT" at Sting. Jarrett comes back in and nails Sting with some hard rights. Jarrett nails Sting off the corner with force. When Jarrett attempts it a second time, Sting takes him out with a boot to the gut followed by a face first plant. Brown hits the ring and Sting does the face jam as well to him.


Cage gets the tag and hits a splash on Jarrett. Jarrett then drops down and low blows Cage with the referee distracted by Gail Kim. Cage crawls on the outside as Gail Kim jumps off the ring apon and hits a spinning head scissors on Cage. Brown then grabs Cage, drops him groin first over the steel guard railing and throws him back in the ring. Jarrett takes out Cage with a huge dropkick. Jarrett does his strut and taunts at Sting. Brown gets the tag and Cage punches him in the gut a few times. Brown hits Cage with a backbreaker over the knee followed by a quick T-Bone Suplex. Brown taunts at Sting, covers Cage, Cage kicks out after two, Brown covers a second time and Cage kicks out yet again. Jarrett gets the tag, kicks Cage a few times followed by a quick suplex. Jarrett drops Cage on the second rope, slides out and hits a right to the face. Jarrett attempts a body splash, but Cage moves and Jarrett hits the ropes. Brown gets in a cheap shot on Cage and Jarrett applies pressure to the head of Cage. Cage pushes Jarrett towards Sting and gets the tag. However, the referee doesn't see this and pushes Sting back to the corner. Brown comes in, gets the tag and both Jarrett and Brown double-team Cage with force. Brown then chokes Cage on the top rope and then nails him face first off the corner. Brown hits a suplex on Cage.


Cage attempts a head scissors in the corner, but Brown pushes Cage away and Cage lands on the ring apron. Brown nails Cage with a few shots to the side, pulls him up to the top, but Cage fights Brown off. Cage bites Brown on the head and pushes Brown off the top. Cage hits a Frog Splash from the top on Brown. Cage gets an arm on the chest of Brown...1...2...Brown kicks out. Cage tries to tag in Sting, but Brown pulls back on the feet of Cage. Jarrett then comes around and pulls Sting off the ring apron. Jarrett grabs Gail Kim and uses her as a shield. Cage finally gets to the corner, but Brown pulls him back just as Sting gets to the ring apron. Jarrett brings in two steel chairs. Jarrett and Brown attempt a conchairto on Cage, but Cage drops down and takes out both Jarrett and Brown. Sting gets the tag from Cage and takes out Jarrett and Brown. Sting hits the Stinger Splash on Jarrett. Sting takes out the referee doing this. Sting throws Brown over the top rope. Sting then hits an atomic drop on Jarrett and then applies the Scorpion Deathlock! Jarrett reaches for the bottom rope. The referee is knocked out and Jarrett taps out. Cage comes in to watch when Brown comes in and grabs Cage, tossing him onto Sting to break the Deathlock. Both Sting and Cage get in each others face. Brown comes in with the NWA World Title. Brown goes to hit Sting, but Cage pulls him down and Brown goes to the outside. Sting picks up the title and looks at Cage with it.


Jarrett and Brown grab a chair, but miss Christian, hot tag to Sting. Stinger splash on Jarrett, but the referee is down .. Sting slaps on the scorpion death lock as Jarrett gives up, but no referee. Brown goes after Sting with the title belt, but Christian pulls him out of the way. Bobby Roode and Eric Young do a run in .. Kim distracts Sting as Jarrett nails him with the belt, two count! .. Jarrett goes for the guitar shot, but Sting crushes it with his bat. Sting hits the scorpion death drop on Jarrett for the victory!

PPV ends as Christian hands Sting his bat and leaves the ring as the spotlight shines on the Stinger!

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