Torrie Puts Over Chloe, Talks Bra and Panties, Candice's Playboy

Torrie Wilson told that she looks forward to "trying something new" Sunday when she takes part in the first-ever Bra and Panties Gauntlet Match at New Year's Revolution.

She is optimistic about a victory at the event.

"As for winning, of course I will," she said. "First of all, my two partners in crime Victoria & Candice are also in the match. Plus, Ashley and Maria aren't exactly the strongest women on the planet, so they shouldn't be too hard to deal with."

Torrie Wilson also put over Chloe, who became the first nonhuman to receive a superstars page.

"When I saw that was up, I loved it. It's great. So many people have been dying of laughter because they love her so much. She's like my daughter, so of course I'm a proud mother that everyone wants to see her," said Torrie.

Unfortunately for Chloe fans, according to Wilson, the dog has a photoshoot this weekend and will not be at the PPV, or the next night's RAW.

But, Torrie's dog is not the only WWE Diva who has been busy in front of the camera. Candice Michelle recently completed her photoshoot for an upcoming issue of Playboy Magazine and Wilson, like many WWE fans, is filled with anticipation.

Torrie said, "She showed me some of the Polaroids right after the shoot, and she looks so hot. I think it's going to be a great issue, and everyone's going to want to see it."