Ultimate Warrior-WWE, Mysterio, Austin, SmackDown!/UPN, More

Partial Source: PWInsider.com

Jim Hellwig (aka The Ultimate Warrior) and now "legally" known as Warrior Warrior, filed a lawsuit against World Wrestling Entertainment in The Superior Court of Arizona on January 9. Warrior is filing over the representation of his wrestling career with the then WWF in the new "The Self Destruction of The Ultimate Warrior" DVD release that shows Vince McMahon and many current and former WWE stars running down Warrior. We hope to have more information about this soon.

WWE took out a full page ad in the Sports section of The New York Post today thanking fans for the sellouts at the TV tapings at the Mohegan Sun Casino, Bridgeport and East Rutherford as well as the House Show in White Plains.

WWE.com has a poll up asking fans to vote on the best Rey Mysterio t-shirt.

Adam Lebow sent this in: On TSN Off the Record today, Calgary Flames player Darren McCarty was on a new segment they call 'Next Question', where Landsberg fires off questions to a guest and they can answer or pass. Today, they had NHL player Darren McCarty. They started the segment out with Landsberg saying that he knows Darren is a big wrestling fan, so who does he like better, Vince McMahon or Stone Cold Steve Austin? Obviously, he goes with Austin. Landsberg moves on and asks if Vince McMahon would be a good coach in the NHL? McCarty answers that Vince would probably be an 'ok' coach but would probably be great as upper management or an owner.

During UPN's presentation today at the Winter Press Tour before the Television Critics Association, President of Entertainment Dawn Ostroff stated that they are still looking to keep World Wrestling Entertainment programming on the network. "We fully intend to have wrestling on our schedule," said Ostroff. SmackDown's contract expires this September and it was no secret that WWE was very unhappy with getting the show changed from Thursday to Friday night. Since the move to Friday night, the show has actually done very well in the ratings despite a rough first few months. Ostroff stated that negotiations have begun between UPN and WWE.