Updated List Of Stars Entering The Royal Rumble, More

As we go into the final WWE Monday Night RAW episode before the Royal Rumble, here is Sunday's Royal Rumble Pay-per-view lineup.

Royal Rumble Participants:
- Bobby Lashley (announced on 1/6 Smackdown)
- Rob Van Dam (announced on 1/9 Raw)
- Chavo Guerrero (defeated Rob Conway on 1/9 Raw to qualify)
- Triple H (announced on 1/9 Raw)
- Shelton Benjamin (defeated Val Venis on 1/9 Raw to qualify)
- Kane (defeated Snitsky on 1/9 Raw to qualify)
- Viscera (defeated Lance Cade, Gregory Helms and Tyson Tomko in over-the-top match on 1/20 Heat)
- Trevor Murdoch (defeated Antonio on 1/20 Heat)
- Sylvan (defeated Scotty 2 Hotty on 1/21 Velocity)

WWE.com has added the following names to the list:
- Big Show
- Shawn Michaels
- Chris Masters
- Carlito
- Chris Benoit
- Rey Mysterio
- Randy Orton
- Matt Hardy
- Orlando Jordan
- Road Warrior Animal
- Psicosis
- Super Crazy
- Johnny Nitro
- Joey Mercury
- Simon Dean

Four spots remain open for RAW stars and one spot remains open for the SmackDown stars.

Also announced for the show:
- WWE Champion Edge vs. John Cena
- World Champion Kurt Angle vs. Mark Henry
- JBL vs. Boogeyman