Various Notes: John Tenta, Stacy Keibler, RAW, & More

John Tenta is now facing a major medical setback in his continued quest to battle cancer. Via his website messaging forum, he said, "I've been very busy. My last scan results were very disappointing. Despite being on chemo, the tumors in my hip, and both lungs continued to grow. The doctor is starting me on new chemo this Monday. It is a new combination, of chemo I've already had. The doctor says it has a one in ten chance of working. If that doesn't work, I will try experimental drugs. If nothing works, I have a life expectancy of six months to a year."

WWE's Fanatic: Superstar Billy Graham PPV premieres on 3/1.

I haven't seen it, but I was told the 1/30 National Enquirer has an article about Stacy Keibler competing in ABC's "Dancing with the Stars.

As always, we'll have live coverage of RAW tonight here on the site. Edge and a partner of his choice vs. John Cena and a partner of his choice, Kane vs. Carlito. Trish Stratus and Ashley vs. Candice and Victoria. and Shawn Michaels vs. Shelton Benjamin are all confirmed for tonight.