What Happened After RAW Went Off The Air

Andrew sent this one: Ryan, after Raw went off the air, Vince McMahon came out, with Angle and Cena down in the ring, and said "You think this show is over? do you whell i think not tonight where gonna have a WWE Title Match right now in a Triple Treat Match, with you do in the ring"(Angle & Cena), and this Man, then Triple H's music hits and he walks out. Match begins and Triple H and Angle lock up for most of this contest, then Triple h Throws Kurt into the ringpost, and then Triple H and Cena Exchange Blows, and Triple H hits Cena with a Closeline, and picks him up for the pedigre, and nails it, but before Triple h can get a cover The Big show runs out and chases Triple H out of the Ring and up the stage, and out of the arena, then Angle gets up and picks up Cena, Cena reverses and hits Angle with the F-U covers Angle, 1,2,3 match over.

Cena Def Angle & Triple H in WWE Title Match

Also-Triple H Got a huge pop when he was announced, and when he hit the pedigre.

Fans in the arena(I was) mixed reaction to Angle Vs Cena crowd was about 50-50 for both, which will be interesting to see what WWE Does about that leading into this Sunday

John Permaul sent this in:Hey, I just got back from WWE RAW from the Continental Airlines Arena. Here are some live notes from the event.

WWE Heat Notes.
Heat opened with Chavo Guerrero vs. Mike Mondo. Lots of "Eddie" and "Let's Go Chavo" chants. Chavo won the match using the frog splash. Snitsky fought Val Venis. This was a back and forth match, with Snitsky winning with a boot to the face. Next the Heart Throbs fought two guys. Before the match the Heart Throbs wanted to bring in two Jersey girls. Before Heat was taped Trinity from TNA and this blonde girl made there way to front row. The two of them were the Jersey girls brought into the ring. They began to dance before the match
started. Striker's School was the next segment. Matt Striker came out and started talking about an important topic.HIMSELF. The fans started booing and then Striker said that he would "wait" for them to quiet down. Overall this was a funny segment, so you should check it out. The main event was Visera vs. Tyson Tomko. The fans really liked Viscera. This was a pretty good match with Viscera getting the victory over Tomko.

WWE RAW Notes:
The arena was practially sold out. Very few empty seats. I was in attendance with my brothers, Moses and Andrew. My friends Mark, Samiur, Josh, and Jason were in attendance too. The New Jersey crowd really hated Cena. They booed him every time a preview for the Cena vs. Angle match came on the Titan Tron. At one point the crowd wasn't sure what was WWE Unlimited stuff and what was actually on the air since they kept jumping around (especially during the Mickey James/Vince and Trish segments). Angle was cheered big time during the main event. I'm not sure how well it was picked up on television. Angle got the most cheers for the night.

Off Air Notes
The bonus main event originally scheduled was John Cena vs. Triple H for the WWE Championship. The main event we ended up getting was John Cena vs. Triple H vs. Kurt Angle for the WWE Championship. When RAW goes off air Vince ends up coming out and announces this match. Triple H comes out and attacks Cena. Angle waits outside the ring as HHH continues to wear out a bloody Cena. Triple H puts a sleeper hold on Cena and this causes Angle to enter the ring. Triple H eventually pedigrees Cena and Big Show enters the ring and chases Triple H back up the ramp. Angle goes to attack Cena, and then Cena manages to catch him in the FU and gets the victory. Cena is then helped out and Lilian thanks the crowd for coming to the show.

Overall this was a really good show. The main highlight was the bonus triple threat main event. The next WWE show in this area was announced for next month at the Nassau Coliseum. I would also like to send out a birthday shout out to my friend Ruby.