What You Didn't See On RAW Last Night

Thanks to PWInsider.com for these:

Dark Match:

Chavo Guerrero pinned Mike Mondo. Standing ovation and "Eddie" chants for Chavo's entrance. Chavo scored the pin with a top rope frog splash.


Gene Snitsky pinned Val Venis with a big boot to the face.


The Heartthrobs defeated Fred Sampson & Scotty Charisma. They looked for two "Hot Jersey Girls", who of course were Trinity and the blonde in the front row, who were brought in the ring to dance with each other. This gave the Heartthrobs a chance to attack their opponents.

Matt Striker's Classroom: Striker's lesson is about Striker. He started talking about being a teacher and the fans chanted "You got fired." He went on about himself, getting heat. He said it was important for the fans to know who he was, because he was their teacher and was going to educate and reprogram them. It came off like an introductory segment. Striker was good with his delivery.

Viscera pinned Tyson Tomko with a sitdown powerbomb.