What You Didn't See On RAW Last Night

Carlton sent this report in:

First off you must watch the 1st match of Heat. There was a guy with a long blonde hair wig, a pig nose, and a long white robe that said nature boy on the back. After the 1st match security and one of the camera men made him take it of he was very funny

The Cheer Squad def Mike the Miz and Chris Cage ending was a roll up with their feet on the middle ropes. Like they needed to cheat is was 5 on 2 basically

Matt Striker did a 5 minute promo on Civil Liberties. He also talked about how he saw some Raleigh people outside the arena smoking pot

Trever Murdock won a qualifying match for the royal rumble when he defeated Romeo of the Heart Throbes with a botch bulldog from the top rope. Pretty awful match

Rob Conway def some Indian guy from Arizona at first I actually thought it was Tatanka

Snitsky def Val Venus with a big boot to the face a lot of back chants directed at Snitsky. He told the crowd to shut up a few times. Venis worked Snitsky's leg during the match and then he wins with a big boot to the face.

Viscera won a qualifying match for the royal rumble in a 4 man battle royal with Gregory Helms, Lance Cade, and Tyson Tomko

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