WWE Byte This Once Again Blasted By TNA Callers

A caller named Pat phoned Byte This! earlier tonight and asked Todd what he and Vince McMahon thought about TNA signing Sting. Todd said he didn't think Vince really cared because he was the interim GM of RAW and was having a good time. He then quickly hung up on the caller.


Another caller from Calgary, Canada called in and asked Chris Masters a question and then quickly noted "and be sure to check out TNAWrestling.com". Click. Todd ignored it like it never happened.

Another caller phoned in at the end and said "Hey Todd, I love how you dodge TNA questions like you dodge women". Todd was about to answer him and the caller hung up!

Someone in the chat stated "TNA Sucks" and Todd noted it and said "Wow, that's good".

They also showed a video preview of Heat this week which showed former TNA knockout Trinity.

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