WWE Diva Gone?, Stacy Keibler Update, New Wrestling Promotion

A number of sources have confirmed that 2005 diva search competitor Elisabeth Rouffaer is no longer apart of the developmental roster. Rouffaer signed a WWE developmental deal back in September 2005, and was assigned to Ohio Valley Wrestling in Louisville. According to a source, Rouffaer decided that wrestling was not for her. One report we have received indicated Rouffaer never actually arrived in Louisville to being her training.


Jeff Martz sent this in: Stacy Keibler was on "Access Hollywood" and she talk about if she should insure her legs; she will NOT get breast implants because she will keep what God has givin her; talked about playboy and how she turned them down three times and no matter how much money even a million dollars she wont do it because it is not her or she would like to make the money in another way; also showed clips of dancing with the stars; it lasted no more than 3 minutes.

PWInsider reports the first show will include the following talent: Vampiro, Sean Waltman, P.J. Polaco (Justin Credible), New Jack, Jack Evans, Matt Sydal, & Teddy Hart. Also there is word that Teddy Hart may be in charge of putting the show together. Also SoCalUncensored.com has listed the following as dark matches for those who may get a contract if the show gets picked up: Disco Machine/Joey Ryan/Topgun Talwar vs. Scorpio Sky/Zokre/Phoenix Star, Puma vs. Tommy Williams, Human Tornado vs. Delirious vs. Alter Boy Luke.