– Mike “The Miz” Mizanin has been moved from Deep South, where he was the promotions champion, to Ohio Valley Wrestling.

– Kristal Marshall is now the ring announcer at Deep South Wrestling shows.

– As noted last night, independent wrestler Rob Eckos was the Edge’s victim in last night’s “Raw” road rage skit.

– WWE 24/7 Online just posted up videos for the month of January and they’re using former WWE Diva Sunny as the main selling point. They posted 8 videos of Sunny from thoughout her career including the time she got slopped by Phinneus Godwin, a Sunny music video, that infamous “Sunny Sex Tape with Elmo” vignette from Shotgun Saturday Night and more.

– There is an evident hole in the Smackdown locker room now that Eddie Guerrero is not around anymore. The atmosphere has changed a bit.