WWE RAW Results (1/30/06): Shane/Vince, Goldust, More!

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW Results
Date: Monday, January 30th, 2006
Location: The TD Waterhouse Centre in Orlando, FL
Results by PowerWrestling.com

WWE RAW Opener:

RAW opened up with Edge backstage saying what happened last night at the Royal Rumble was a fluke and he wasn t supposed to lose the title to John Cena. He said last night will not be remembered, he s not waiting till WrestleMania, and he s invoking his rematch clause tonight! Edge said he is going to beat Cena within an inch of his life, and he s taking back what s rightfully his, he s taking back the WWE Championship! The fireworks then went off in the arena for the start of RAW as Joey Styles, Jerry Lawler and The Coach welcomed us to Orlando! Edge will face John Cena for the WWE Championship tonight, and Chris Masters and Carlito will face the Big Show and Kane for the World Tag Team Titles!

In the arena:

The music of Vince McMahon hit in the arena as he strutted down to the ring looking mighty pleased with himself. McMahon got on the mic and said he guaranteed last week on RAW that Shawn Michaels luck was going to run out at the Rumble, and boy did it ever run out! We are taken to footage from last night when Vince distracted Michaels and then Shane McMahon came in behind Michaels and eliminated him! Vince said to give it up for his boy, Shane-O-Mac! He said that is a prime example of her zero tolerance policy in effect! He said he has to admit that he abused his power, but as the chairman, what s the sense in having power if he doesn t abuse it now and again! He could throw everyone out of this building if he wanted to! With that, Shawn Michaels made his way down to the ring, not looking pleased. McMahon called him a son of a b—h and said he comes out and interrupts him, what does he want? Michaels said he wanted to kick McMahon s teeth down his throat, but he knows if he does, Mr. Zero Tolerance is just going to fire him. McMahon said he would fire him on the spot. Michaels said he could do the good Christian thing and turn the other cheek, just quit, who needs the hassle, but he knows McMahon and he d sue him for breach of contract. McMahon said he would sue him for every cent he has! Michaels said that leaves him with his third and final option, roll back the clock and give McMahon the HBK of days gone by, drinking, partying, pill popping, that s who McMahon wants. Michaels said that is popular with some folks, but being popular is not his concern and he loves his wife and children and that is never going to happen! McMahon said Michaels is screwed then, way worse than Bret Hart ever was.

McMahon said if he wanted to abuse his power, he d fire Michaels right on the spot, but he considers himself a good business man. Michaels said McMahon is a business man, and it s the business man in him that he wants to appeal to. Michaels said right here, in this very ring, one on one, Vince McMahon and the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels. McMahon said how dare he challenge him, and Michaels said to wait a minute and laughed that McMahon wasn t sure. He said why is McMahon having to think about this? C mon, you re Vincent Kennedy McMahon, you ve got more money than god! Don t you walk around with the king size grapefruits, don t tell me they are all shrivelled up! Michaels said surely McMahon can t be afraid of little old him. McMahon said he s not afraid, he s not afraid of any man alive. McMahon said no chance in hell about the match. He asked Michaels who the hell he thinks he is, and if he gets in the ring again, it will be on his terms. He said all Michaels has done is piss him off, and he s going to allow Michaels to do something never done in the history of RAW, commit career suicide, and all he has to do is hit him. McMahon begged Michaels to hit him, and Michaels dropped the mic and looked like he was going to do it. McMahon got in his face and took off his jacket, and put both hands behind his back. McMahon got on his knees and then Shane McMahon came from behind and nailed Michaels with a steel chair! Shane helped his father up and the McMahon s have set up Michaels again! Vince put his jacket back on as the fans chanted a-----e towards the two of them.

During the break:

Vince and Shane are shown backstage and Grisham comes up asking Shane why he did it. He said it s all about respect. Bret Hart learned the lesson, Stone Cold learned the lesson and now so has Shawn Michaels.

Referee: Michael Chioda
Snitsky vs. Rob Van Dam

The music of Rob Van Dam hit in the arena and he s making his return to RAW here tonight after an impressive showing in the Royal Rumble and he ll be facing off against Snitsky!

The start:

Snitsky and Van Dam locked up and Snitsky hit an elbow to the head but missed a splash in the corner. RVD kicked at his leg and then hit a high cross body from the middle rope for two. Snitsky came back with a club to the back and then worked Van Dam over in the corner with right hands. Snitsky went for a corner charge but RVD got his boot up and then hit a spinning dropkick and went for a side kick but Snitsky met him with a clothesline.

Mid-match notes:

Snitsky stomped away at RVD and then nailed an elbow drop for two before locking in a rear naked choke. RVD fought out but then ran into a shoulder block from the big man. Snitsky choked RVD in the corner and then gave him a slam but missed an elbow. Snitsky nailed some right hands and then kicks in the corner before choking him over the top rope. Snitsky locked in a bear hug but RVD fought out before running into a powerslam for Snitsky for two. Snitsky hit more right hands in the corner and then choked him with his boot.

The Finish:

Snitsky hit a huge clothesline in the corner and goes for a charge but RVD gets his boot up. RVD hits the step over heel kick and then a running heel kick. RVD hits a corkscrew leg drop before hitting Rolling Thunder for two. Snitsky raked the eyes and went for the pumphandle but RVD dropped out the back. Snitsky went for a big boot but RVD came back with a spinning back kick and then leaped up top and came off with the Five Star Frog Splash for the win!

Winner – Rob Van Dam


Shelton and his mama are backstage and she is telling him off for not winning the Royal Rumble. She said he will be a champion even if she has to beat him down to make it happen. She sent him off and then someone came from behind and started rubbing her shoulders and it s Goldust! Shelton s mama got freaked and he said he is the man with the golden power, and who loves to give golden showers! She told him to stay away from her and called in Shelton and called Goldust a freak!


Maria is backstage with Triple H. She said last night in the Rumble he was number one and lasted over an hour, and came close to winning before being eliminated by Rey Mysterio. Triple H said he s sure Rey would say he went 60 minutes and eliminated the Game. He said he met 29 other guys coming through the ropes head on, and handed them their ass. He doesn t buy Rey winning. He said even Eddie Guerrero couldn t pull something off this big; this had to come from somewhere higher than Eddie Guerrero. He said his shot at WrestleMania is gone. He can t take it out on God, Eddie Guerrero or Rey Mysterio, but he can take it out on the next best thing tonight. He said Chavo Guerrero better pray to whoever it was that helped Rey Mysterio last night, because he s going to need it!

Referee: Jack Doan
Triple H vs. Chavo Guerrero

The music of Triple H hit in the arena as he made his way down to the ring to face Chavo Guerrero, looking to take out some anger on him after last night s Rumble.

The start:

We are set to lock up as the fans chanted for Eddie Guerrero. Triple H and Chavo tied up and Triple H went to work with right hands in the corner. Chavo came back with a tilt a whirl headscissors and then a standing dropkick followed by a clothesline to send Triple H to the outside. Back inside and Triple H ran into an arm drag from Chavo. Chavo worked the arm but then Triple H reversed. Chavo reversed again and sent Triple H to the mat and locked in an arm bar.

Mid-match notes:

Triple H came back with right hands in the corner but then Chavo rallied with uppercuts. Chavo hit a flying forearm and then sent Triple H to the outside. Chavo knocked Triple H off the apron and then hit a flying cross body over the top onto Triple H on the outside. Chavo nailed some more uppercuts and then a boot to the face but then Triple H elevated Chavo to the outside with a back drop as we go to commercial.

Back on RAW and Triple H sent Chavo over the top but Chavo skinned the cat and then ran into a Triple H spinebuster. Triple H stomped away on Chavo and then nailed him with a backbreaker. Triple H scored with another backbreaker for a two count and then hammered away on Chavo with right hands. Triple H hit a knee drop, and then another one. Triple H mocked Eddie Guerrero and then the two traded right hands in the corner before Triple H sent Chavo hard to the buckle. Triple H nailed Chavo with a backdrop and pointed up to the sky asking where Eddie was tonight.

Chavo hit a boot to the face of Triple H in the corner and then Triple H locked in a sleeper but Chavo used his leverage to break the hold in the corner. Chavo hit a nice standing dropkick and then the two traded more right hands. Chavo hit a running clothesline, and then another one before hitting a running knee. Chavo hit a spinning DDT and covered for two. Chavo nailed the Three Amigos but Triple H blocked the third and then Chavo floated over and nailed it anyway.

The Finish:

Chavo went up top for a Frog Splash but Triple H crotched him. Triple H climbed up and Chavo hit some right hands to knock him back down and then Chavo went for the Frog Splash but Triple H rolled out of the way and then nailed the Pedigree for the victory.

Winner – Triple H


Carlito is shown b—hing about Shaq hitting him with a chair at a Miami Heat game. Carlito took everything he had and Carlito is still standing. Masters seems to be ignoring Carlito and Carlito said they will become World Tag Team Champions. Carlito asked if this is about when he accidentally threw him out of the Rumble, or the Elimination Chamber where he pinned him accidentally. He said tonight they work as the team and there is no reason for him to turn his back on him tonight. Carlito asked if they are cool, and Masters nodded, and then slapped Carlito right across the face and said now we are cool!

World Tag Team Championship Match
Referee: Chad Patton
Carlito and Chris Masters vs. Kane and The Big Show (c)

Carlito and Chris Masters are in the ring arguing and they are set for their shot at the World Tag Team Titles against Kane and the Big Show!

The start:

Kane went after Masters on the outside and dropped him with a right hand. Show then threw Carlito outside and pulled him up to the apron and tossed him back into the ring. Show gave Carlito a knee to the head and then chopped him in the corner. Kane tagged in and hit a series of right hands and then hit a running powerslam for two. Masters came in and ate a right hand from Kane but then Carlito nailed some right hands of his own.

Mid-match notes:

Carlito hit a kick to the face but it didn t affect Kane and he chased Carlito but Masters pulled him to the outside and sent him into the ring steps. Carlito distracted the referee while Masters threw Kane back inside and Carlito hit his back cracker. Masters tagged in and slammed Kane before hitting some axe handles to the back. Masters choked Kane with his boot and then hit some shots in the corner but Kane nailed one of his own and Carlito hung him up on the ropes. Kane went for a corner charge but Masters moved and Kane went into the ring post.

Masters locked in the Master Lock in the middle of the ring. The fans got behind Kane and tried to break the hold and Carlito came in and ate a big boot. Kane moved Masters near to Show and he nailed a right hand and then Kane hit a slam on Masters. Show tagged in and went to work on both men, and hit a powerslam on Masters and a press slam on Carlito, giving him snake eyes in the corner. Show hit a huge chop on Carlito and then a clothesline to Masters in the corner. Show hit a back splash in the corner but then Carlito pulled down the top rope and Show tumbled to the outside.

The Finish:

Kane dived off the top and Masters caught him in the Master Lock! Show is back up and sent Carlito into the ring post and then Masters broke the hold to take care of Show and he has the Master Lock on Show! Kane came in and hit a boot to the head and then Show and Kane nailed a double chokeslam on Masters for the win!

Winners and still World Tag Team Champions, Kane and The Big Show


Rob Van Dam is shown in the back and Maria asks his thoughts on what he did to Carlito (?). Van Dam said the guy is a piece of trash, and he s returned to show you that he s nobodies stepping stone, he s Rob Van Dam!


Todd is in the back with Mickie James, and Mickie has a celebration of Trish Stratus planned. Mickie said throughout history we have celebrated great women, and Trish deserves a true celebration. She said that she loves Trish, and when she counted one, two, three in her match with Ashley, she proved that she loves her too, and she s going to pay back that love tonight!

Referee: Jack Doan
Shelton Benjamin vs. Goldust

The music of Shelton Benjamin hit in the arena and he made his way to the ring, pushing his mama in a wheelchair after her encounter with Goldust, and that is who Shelton will be facing here tonight!

The start:

Shelton and Goldust went at it with right hands and then Goldust catapulted Shelton right over the top to the outside. Goldust pulled Shelton to the apron and hammered a forearm across his chest. Goldust nailed an uppercut and then suplexed Shelton back into the ring but Shelton landed on his feet and nailed a neckbreaker. Shelton rallied with right hands and then Goldust dived at him but Shelton ducked. Shelton choked Goldust with his boot and then gave Shelton a slam and a fist drop. Shelton hammered away with right hands as the fans chanted mama s boy at him!

The Finish:

Goldust came back with right hands and then an uppercut to the jaw. Goldust hit an atomic drop and then set Benjamin up for the Golden Globes. Mama got out of her chair and Goldust nailed Shelton with the Golden Globes. Goldust went to the outside and pranced around and she started chugging on her oxygen tank. Goldust got back in the ring and ate a spinning kick from Benjamin. Shelton then nailed the T-Bone Exploder for the win!

Winner – Shelton Benjamin


Shelton is shown pushing his moma in the back and she asks him to stop at the restroom. She goes in and then Shelton sees Torrie, Candice and Victoria talking to Ric Flair. Shelton goes over and shakes Ric s hand and says he has his confidence back and he s ready to wear gold. He said he wants his Intercontinental Title back and it s only a matter of time before he takes it. Flair said getting his confidence back is a good thing, but messing with the Nature Boy is the bad thing. He said Shelton is a mama s boy and mama s boys don t beat the Nature Boy for the Intercontinental Title! Woo!

In the arena:

The music of Mickie James is playing in the arena and she said last night was one of the greatest of her life. We are shown footage from the Rumble with Mickie beating Ashley. Mickie said not only did she beat Ashley, but she finally got to profess her love to Trish Stratus, and she has proved that she loves her too, so she wants to bring out the greatest Women s Champion ever, Trish Stratus! The ring is all decked out, and balloons and confetti fell from the rafters as Trish got in the ring in her super tight hot jeans. Trish said that she didn t come down here to take part in the celebration, although the balloons were a nice touch. She said she s down here to set the record straight. Mickie said she has arranged a special celebration, and then introduced the Spirit Squad! They came out to the stage and they do a Trish chant. They do another one saying she loves you, and other crap. What in the world? Mickie said she can t tell her how happy she has made her, and she always wanted to be just like her. Trish went to speak but then Ashley s music hit!

Ashley jogged down to the ring and took a mic from Trish. Ashley said to Trish if she isn t going to put Mickie in her place, then she will do it for her. Ashley said Trish doesn t love Mickie, and she thinks exactly what everyone here thinks, Mickie James is a psycho! Mickie started to cry and Ashley asked the crowd if she was a psycho and they cheered. They chanted She s a psycho at Mickie as she started bawling. Mickie asked Trish if this is how she really feels, and Trish says that Mickie is a special woman. Mickie said to forget it and she doesn t want to bother Trish ever again! Mickie went to leave but then came back in and speared Ashley! The two go at it and Trish pulled Ashley off and then Ashley went back over and walked into a spin kick! Trish didn t know what to do and Mickie said she knew Trish cared about her and she s the greatest ever! Mickie made her way to the back happy as Trish checked on Ashley.


Edge is shown backstage making his way towards the arena with John Cena (c)

The music of Edge hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring with Lita for his rematch for the WWE Championship which he lost last night at the Royal Rumble to John Cena! Cena s music then hit as he made his way to the ring as the new WWE Champion!

The start:

Edge and Cena locked up and then got into a shoving match before Cena took Edge down with a side headlock. Edge fought out and sent Cena to the ropes but he came back with a shoulder block and then Edge tossed Cena to the outside. Edge followed out and kicked at Cena but Cena fought back and sent Edge into the ring. Cena grabbed a side headlock and Edge backed him to the corner. Edge got in a cheap shot and then stomped away at Cena but Cena came back with some hard whips to the corner and then hit a fisherman s suplex without a bridge for two.

Mid-match notes:

Edge sent Cena to the ropes but Cena reversed and hit a back body drop. Cena nailed a slam and then an elbow for a two count. Cena locked in a front face lock and then whipped Edge hard to the corner. Cena hip a suplex and covered for another two count before going into a rear naked choke on Edge. Edge fought out and sent Cena to the ropes and nailed a nice dropkick. Edge went up top but Cena pushed him off right into the announce table as we go to commercial!

Back on RAW and Edge is in control of Cena on the outside. Edge tossed Cena back in the ring and during the break, Edge sent Cena right into the ring steps. Edge nailed Cena with a right hand but Cena fought back with right hands of his own. Cena raked the eyes and perched Cena on the top rope. Edge climbed up and nailed a huricanrana off the top for a near fall! Edge locked in a front face lock and wrapped himself around the standing Cena and then pulled Cena down to the mat. Cena broke the hold and the Edge nailed a shot to the jaw. The two traded right hands with Cena coming out on top and then Cena hit some clotheslines followed by a flying shoulder.

Cena charged at Edge in the corner but Edge got his boot up and came off the middle rope with a dive, but Cena caught him and slammed him down! Edge walked into a spinebuster from Cena for a two count and then Edge raked the eyes and nailed the Edge-O-Matic for a near fall. Edge went up to the top rope but Cena crotched him. Cena climbed up and nailed a superplex and both men are down. Cena crawled into a cover for two. Edge tripped Cena in the corner and rolled him up using the ropes for two. Cena dropped Edge face first on the turnbuckle and then gave him a spinning side slam. Cena hit the Five Knuckle Shuffle and blew a kiss to Lita.

The Finish:

Cena went for the FU but Edge fought out and sent Cena crashing into the referee! Edge gave Cena a low blow before setting up for the Spear! Edge scored with the Spear and covered but the referee is still down! Lita ran over and grabbed the WWE Title and got in the ring with it but Cena picked Edge up for the FU. Lita then nailed Cena with the belt but it didn t have much effect and Edge gets the win by disqualification and this makes no sense?

Winner by disqualification, Edge, but still WWE Champion, John Cena

The Aftermath:

Cena can t believe he was disqualified because it was Lita who hit Cena with the belt. We go to the replay and it was Edge that she hit with the belt by mistake! Edge gets the DQ win as RAW goes off the air!

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