WWE Royal Rumble Results (1/29/06): What McMahon Screwed HBK?

WWE Royal Rumble Results (1/29/06): What McMahon Screwed HBK?

Event: WWE Royal Rumble Pay-Per-View Results
Date: Monday, January 29th, 2006
Location: The American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida
Results by PowerWrestling.com

WWE Royal Rumble Opener:

The Royal Rumble started up with a video package featuring the WWE Championship Match between John Cena and Edge, the World Heavyweight Championship Match between Mark Henry and Kurt Angle, and the thirty man over the top rope Royal Rumble Match. The fireworks then went off in the arena for the start of the show as Michael Cole and Tazz welcomed us to the show before we go over to Joey Styles and Jerry Lawler covering things for the RAW side!

Cruiserweight Championship Match
Open Invitational Six Way Texas Tornado Match
Referee: Chris Kay
Funaki vs. Jamie Noble vs. Nunzio vs.
Paul London vs. Gregory Helms vs. Kid Kash (c)

Tony Chimel informs us that this match is open to all current and former Cruiserweight Champions. With that, Kid Kash made his way to the ring as the reigning Cruiserweight Champion, following by Funaki, Jamie Noble, Nunzio and Paul London, and then Gregory Helms made his way to the ring as the sixth competitor from RAW!

The start:

We are underway with all six going at it and London got a near fall on Nunzio and then Funaki rolled up Noble for two. Kash worked over Helms and then the Smackdown guys began to team up on him and we have a hate crime going on in the ring. All six pair off and Kash gets a two on Funaki. Nunzio hit a nice neckbreaker on Kash for two as London worked over Helms in the corner.

Mid-match notes:

London hit a dropsault on Helms into a cover on Noble for two. London hit a slam on Helms and then a senton. London was tossed over the top to the outside and then Nunzio hit the Sicilian Slice on Helms and covered but Noble broke the fall. Nunzio catapulted Noble to the corner and then Funaki hit a big bulldog and covered but Nunzio broke the fall. Funaki hit right hands on Noble and then sent him through the second rope to the others on the outside.

Funaki went to the top rope but Kash knocked him off and everyone is on the outside. London comes back in and hits a spin kick to Kash sending him out, and then London went up to the top rope and hit a shooting star press onto everyone on the outside! Kash is back up and hits a dropkick on Helms and then nails the Dead Level on London and covers but Nunzio and Funaki broke it.

The Finish:

All six are back in the ring and Kash hits a nice backbreaker on Nunzio for a near fall. Noble hit a running dropkick on Kash and then walked into a kick from Funaki. Funaki went for a tornado DDT but Noble came back with a series of chops and hit his double knee to the gut before locking in the dragon sleeper. Helms broke it and then hit the Shining Wizard on Funaki and we have a new Cruiserweight Champion!

Winner and new Cruiserweight Champion, Gregory Helms


Teddy Long is backstage with Mr. McMahon and he said he s here to help McMahon supervise tonight. McMahon said he s got it tonight, but he appreciates it. Candice, Victoria and Torrie are shown next to the tombola where the numbers will be drawn. Vince asked them to spin it around and then Randy Orton came in to draw his number and he looked very happy with it. Triple H then came in and Orton stared him down. Triple H said he lives in reality, not destiny like Orton, and says Orton doesn t stand a chance tonight. Triple H told Torrie to open her box for him and pulled out his number and told Candice to hold his ball. Triple H looked at his number and he doesn t look happy. Orton said Triple H s reality is that he s screwed!


Mickie and Trish are shown and Mickie asked who she s gonna favour tonight. Trish s music hit and said she has to go and Mickie said that she loves Trish.

Special Referee: Trish Stratus
Mickie James vs. Ashley

The music of Trish Stratus played in the arena as she made her way to the ring as the Women s Champion, and she will be refereeing the following match between Mickie James and Ashley.

The start:

Mickie and Ashley tied up and Mickie backed Ashley to the corner and Ashley shoved her off. They locked up again and they went to the outside in the tie up. Another lock up and Mickie worked the arm but Ashley rolled through and reversed into an arm wringer of her own and then rolled Mickie up for one.

Mid-match notes:

Ashley went back to work on the arm and Mickie made the ropes but Ashley yanked her off and went back to work on the arm and Mickie is getting pissed. Ashley hit a running knee on Mickie and then Trish got them out of the corner but Mickie knocked Ashley down from behind. Mickie locked in a single leg crab and then sent Ashley to the outside. Mickie followed out and picked Ashley up and slammed her rib first into the ring post!

Ashley went to get back in the ring but Mickie hit a running baseball slide to knock her down. Mickie hit a snapmare and then locked in a freestyle bow and arrow on Ashley, stretching at the lower back. Ashley broke the hold and fought back with right hands. Ashley kicked at Mickie and sent her face first to the turnbuckle.

The Finish:

Ashley tossed Mickie around by the hair and then went for a crucifix but Mickie blocked it and Ashley pulled her down by the hair for two. Ashley hit a running spear and then some mounted punches in the corner but then Mickie pulled Ashley down hard and landed on the back of her neck and Trish made the count.

Winner – Mickie James

Mickie got all excited and tried to keep hugging Trish but Trish kept pushing her off and looked pissed.


McMahon is shown with the Diva s again and he s looking at Torrie s ankle tattoo. Candice says she has one, and it s on her breast and Vince gets all excited. Victoria then showed hers and it s on her lower back. Big Show comes in and shakes Vince s hand. Show said he has some nice tattoos but then Vince tells him to draw his number. Show looked at his number and he looked pretty pleased. Rey Mysterio comes in and shakes hands with Show and said he heard Rey is dedicating the match to Eddie and that s great. Mysterio reached in and isn t happy with his number, and said Eddie got him.

Referee: Jim Korderas
John Bradshaw Layfield vs. The Boogeyman

The music of JBL hit in the arena as he made his way down to the ring with Jillian Hall for this next match with the Boogeyman!

Mid-match notes:

JBL put Jillian in front of him as Boogeyman stalked around the ring. JBL threw Jillian into Boogeyman and then bailed to the outside. Boogeyman crawled down on Jillian and then dropped his worm goo all over her. JBL jumped Boogeyman front behind and hammered him with right hands in the corner. Boogeyman came back with a right hand of his own and then JBL sent him to the outside. JBL sent Boogeyman head first into the ring steps and then into the announce table.

The Finish:

Jillian distracted the referee and JBL used his wrist tape to choke at the Boogeyman. Boogeyman then grabbed JBL by the throat but JBL thumbed the eyes. JBL hit some right hands in the corner and then missed a charge in the corner going shoulder first into the ring post. Boogeyman then hit his pumphandle slam and he s beaten JBL already!

Winner – The Boogeyman

The Aftermath:

The Boogeyman shuddered around the ring and has a mouth full of worms again, and this has to be considered an upset.


Vince is shown with the Diva s again and then Shelton s momma comes in. Vince told Shelton he better straighten his momma out! Shelton made his pick and looks very pleased with his number and says he is going to throw Shawn Michaels over the top rope. Melina then came in and she wishes his the best of luck. Shelton s momma then clipped his ear and pulled him out of the room. Melina told Vince about the conditions on Smackdown and then called in Mercury and Nitro. They looked indifferent about their numbers, and Melina tells McMahon that MNM would be happy to eliminate Shawn Michaels tonight.

Royal Rumble Match
Winner Goes To Main Event of WrestleMania

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler are on commentary as we go to a video package with comments from the main names entered in the Rumble Match this year. We then go to Lilian Garcia who runs down the rules but she is interrupted by the Spirit Squad! They get in the ring and prance around and the crowd boos. They do a Rumble chant. Lilian is then asked to say let s hear it for the Spirit Squad, and then crowd s–ts on it. Lilian goes back to the rules and now it s time to find out who drew number one, and it s the Game! It s time to find out number two, and it s Rey Mysterio, who makes his way out in a lowrider in tribute to Eddie Guerrero.

The start:

Triple H and Rey Mysterio locked up and Rey grabbed a side headlock and then a dropkick to the knee. Rey kicked away at he the knee and then hit a springboard cross body. Rey hit a tilt a whirl headscissors and then nailed some mounted punches in the corner as the fans chanted Eddie, Eddie . Triple H went to eliminate Rey, but Rey hotshotted him and then dropkicked him to the ropes and went for the 619 but Triple H ducked as Simon Dean made his way down to the ring as the third entrant!

Mid-match notes:

Simon Dean stomped away at Mysterio and Triple H stood and watched. Dean tossed Rey over and Dean thinks he eliminated Rey and wants a high five from Triple H but Triple H levelled him and then Mysterio hit a seated senton and both Triple H and Rey Mysterio tossed him out! Rey went back to work on the Game and hit a drop toe hold sending Triple H head first to the middle turnbuckle and then Rey hits the Bronco Buster! The countdown started as the next entrant came down and it s Psicosis! Psicosis went after Rey in the corner with right hands and then hit a spinning heel kick on Triple H., Psicosis launched Rey onto Triple H with a leg drop and then Psicosis went after Rey again. Psicosis hit a spinning face first slam and then a clothesline in the corner. Psicosis went for a splash mountain bomb to send Rey out, but Rey reversed into a head scissors and Psicosis is out of here!

Triple H nailed a spinebuster on Rey Mysterio and Ric Flair made his way down as the next entrant! Flair went right after Triple H with right hands and chops. Flair hit a back drop and continued to work over the Game with right hands. Triple H came back with a facebuster and then went for the Pedigree on Flair but Flair grabbed him by the balls and unloaded with more chops and a thumb to the eye. Flair went to eliminate Triple H, but then Triple H backdropped Flair right to the outside! Flair is out of here! The next entrant then made his way down and it s the Big Show, who is smiling at his chance to get his hands on the Game! Show nailed Triple H with a headbutt and then kicked away at him in the corner. Show nailed a huge chop and Triple H is having trouble standing. Show nit another chop, and then stood right on Triple H. Show then gave Rey a headbutt before sending Triple H to the ropes and hitting a side slam.

Show picked up Triple H and gave him a huge slam, and then a pair of elbows as the next entrant made his way down and it s the Coach! Coach nailed Show in the back and Show didn t even feel it. Coach begged off and then pie faced Coach to the outside! Show picked up Triple H and gave him a press slam and Show is dominating here. Show chopped at Triple H in the corner and then stood right on his head. The countdown began and the next entrant made his way down as Show gave Triple H the chokeslam, and here comes Bobby Lashley! Lashley and Show stared each other down and then Lashley shoved him and Show dropped Lashley with a right hand. Show went for a chokeslam but Lashley countered and then ate an elbow. Lashley hit a running pick up slam and kicked Show under the bottom rope to the outside. Show is not eliminated. Lashley sent Mysterio hard to the corner and here comes the next entrant and it s Kane!

Kane and Lashley traded right hands and then collided and both men are still on their feet. Kane then knocked Lashley down with a big boot before unloading with right hands but then Lashley nailed a belly to belly overhead suplex! Lashley nailed a press slam on Triple H and then hit the Dominator on Kane! Lashley is tearing it up! The next entrant made his way down and it s Sylvan. Sylvan tried to make a team with Lashley and then nailed him in the back. Lashley then just thrusted Sylvan over the top and he s out alright. Kane and Show are back up and Lashley turns right into a double chokeslam and they toss Lashley. Show and Kane then go at it with Kane nailing a series of right hands but Show came back with a headbutt. Show charged at Kane but Kane got his boot up and then grabbed Show by the throat and tried to push him over but then Show grabbed Kane by the throat and then Triple H comes up and eliminates both of them!

The next entrant is up, and it s Carlito at number eleven. Carlito went after Mysterio and stomped away at him and then stomped away at Triple H. Carlito hit some right hands on Triple H and then sent Mysterio to the ropes but Mysterio then came back with a boot and went for a bulldog but Carlito countered with a lungbuster! Triple H is back up and pokes Carlito in the eye but then Carlito came back with a boot to the face as the countdown begins for number twelve and it s Chris Benoit! Benoit knocked all three men down and then went to work with chops on all of them. Benoit hit a German on Mysterio and then one on Triple H. Benoit went for one on Carlito but he blocks and then Benoit locked in the Crossface but Triple H made the break. Triple H sent Benoit sternum first hard into the corner and then went to suplex him to the outside but Benoit lands on the apron. Benoit fights back and tries to suplex Triple H out and then Triple H perched Benoit on the top rope but Benoit hit some headbutts to knock him down and then came off with the flying headbutt on the Game!

Booker T, the United States Champion, is the next entrant, and he has new ring gear. Booker went after Benoit and Benoit unloaded with chops and sent Booker T out already! Booker is pissed as Benoit went back to work on Triple H with chops in the corner. Carlito hits a backbreaker on Mysterio as Benoit tries to eliminate Triple H. Carlito hits some shots on Benoit and then the next entrant is up and it s Joey Mercury with Melina! Mercury went after Carlito and hit a jawbreaker and then a standing dropkick. Mercury hit a running shoulder on Carlito in the corner and then dropped Triple H with a right hand. Benoit comes from behind Mercury and nails him with a German. Mercury came back with a reverse DDT on Benoit and then stomped away at Mysterio in the corner. Carlito nails Mercury with a chop and then stomped away at him. Carlito then hit some shots to Mysterio as the countdown begins and number 15 is Tatanka!

Carlito and Triple H look confused as Tatanka gets in the ring and nails them both with a series of chops to the head. Mercury comes from behind and hits a slam on Mercury and then some hard chops in the corner. Benoit and Triple H are still going at it as the countdown starts and the next entrant is Johnny Nitro from MNM! Nitro goes after Tatanka but eats a right hand and then a chop. Benoit almost has Triple H out but he lands on the apron. MNM get the advantage on Tatanka and Mysterio is almost eliminated by Carlito. Tatanka is working over Mercury in the corner and now Benoit has gone after Nitro. The next entrant makes his way down and it s Trevor Murdoch. Murdoch nails Tanaka from behind and nails him with a chop and elbow to the head and MNM are double teaming Benoit. Triple H went to toss Rey but he holds on in a close call. MNM are trying to eliminate Benoit as Murdoch and Carlito are teaming up on Tatanka.

The next entrant makes his way down and it s Eugene! Eugene s back! Eugene wanted to shake hands with Murdoch but Murdoch nailed him with some right hands and then Eugene fired up and hit some right hands of his own and then hit an airplane spin and both men are dizzy and Mysterio comes in with a double bulldog on both men! The ring is filling up as MNM are still in control of Benoit and the countdown begins again and it s Road Warrior Animal. MNM jump Animal as he enters but he lays them out with a double clothesline and then a slam to Triple H. Animal goes after Murdoch and then Eugene tries to eliminate Murdoch but he holds on. Tatanka and Benoit are working over Carlito but he lands on the apron. MNM try to get Mysterio out as Rob Van Dam makes his return! RVD goes after everyone with clotheslines and kicks and he looks in great shape and Carlito is hiding behind the ring post in the corner! RVD hits a heel kick on Triple H and then a spin kick to Animal!

RVD hits a double dropkick to MNM and then Animal goes for a clothesline but RVD backdrops him and Animal is out! Carlito goes after RVD and then the music of Orlando Jordan hits and he s the next entrant. Jordan goes after Tatanka with stomps as the fans chanted for RVD. RVD hits a back kick from the middle rope on Carlito and Triple H hits a low blow on Eugene. RVD tosses Carlito but he holds on with one arm and pulls himself back onto the apron as the countdown begins again and it s Chavo Guerrero! Chavo went after everyone with right hands and kicks and then gave Mysterio a slam dunk and gave Carlito a head scissors. Chavo gave Nitro the Three Amigos and then heads up top but Triple H then shoved him off and Chavo is eliminated. Mysterio goes after Triple H with right hands and the next entrant makes his way down and it s Matt Hardy!

Hardy went after MNM and nails a side effect on Mercury. Jordan meets Hardy with some kicks but then Hardy nails him with the Twist of Fate. RVD and Mysterio are trying to eliminate Triple H but he just holds on. MNM hit the Snapshot on Tatanka and RVD and Mysterio are still going after the Game. Orlando is almost eliminated as MNM chuck Tatanka out. Number 24 is Super Crazy who goes up top and hits a cross body onto both members of MNM. Triple H hits a DDT on Orlando Jordan and Carlito is suplexed onto the ropes by Nitro and then Mysterio hits a dropkick but Carlito holds on. MNM double team Super Crazy as number 25 makes his way down and it s Shawn Michaels! Michaels hits right hands to everyone and then Murdoch nails him with a knee to the gut. Michaels was sent to the apron by Murdoch and then Murdoch charged at him and Michaels ducked and Murdoch is out of here.

Out comes number 26 and it s Chris Masters. Masters went after Benoit and nailed him with shots to the back. Michaels is in trouble with Nitro and Hardy is sent over by Masters but he holds on. Triple H is almost eliminated but he holds on again. Michaels is in trouble as Mercury is working him over and the next entrant comes out and it s Viscera! Viscera nails Hardy with some right hands and then hits a Samoan Drop. Viscera swivels his hips and gives Hardy the Visagra! Mercury is almost eliminated by Mysterio as Hardy hits a boot to Viscera in the corner and then goes for the Twist of Fate but Viscera picks him up and tosses him out! Out comes the next entrant and it s Shelton Benjamin with his momma! The ring is packed as Shelton hits a nice backbreaker on Carlito and Eugene is eliminated by Chris Benoit! MNM are double teaming Mysterio and Viscera is trying to eliminate Super Crazy. The countdown begins for number 29 and it s Goldust!

Goldust goes after Mercury with right hands and then gives Nitro an atomic drop and a clothesline. RVD is trying to eliminate Carlito but he holds on. Shelton is sent to the apron and Viscera spanked his behind. Jordan hit some right hands to Viscera and then Triple H held Jordan for Viscera to chop him. Shelton is sent to the apron by Triple H but gets back in and out comes Randy Orton as the number 30 entrant! Orton goes after Benoit with right hands in the corner and he eliminated Benoit! Orton hit the RKO on Viscera as Carlito and Masters team up to try and get the big man out and they did it! Masters then celebrated and Carlito pushed him over! Masters is out! Goldust nails Carlito with a right hand and then hits the Golden Globes in the corner on Carlito! RVD nails a heel kick on Goldust sending him to the outside! Goldust is out! Orton sent Jordan to the apron and then hotshotted him and Jordan is out of here! RVD and Orton went at it as Carlito and Benjamin tussled. MNM are trying to get Mysterio out and Triple H and Michaels are now going at it.

MNM jump Michaels from behind and stomp away at him and then hit a double gutbuster to the Heartbreak Kid. MNM call for the Snapshot but Michaels escapes and backdrops Mercury to the apron and sends Nitro into him to eliminate Mercury, and then sent Nitro out with a clothesline! Shelton then knocked down Michaels with a superkick and went to toss him but Michaels then sent Benjamin to the apron and gave him a superkick and Benjamin is out! The music of Mr. McMahon then hits and he is pissed! McMahon stood in the aisle and distracted Michaels and Shane McMahon is on the outside of the ring hiding and then Shane comes in and sends Michaels out over the top to the floor! Shane danced around the ring and Michaels is pissed. Michaels gets back into the ring but Triple H grabs him and goes for the Pedigree but Michaels escaped and knocked Triple H down with a superkick and Michaels ran after the McMahon s!

RVD sent Carlito out with a cool spin kick and we are down to the final four! Rob Van Dam, Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton and Triple H! RVD and Mysterio signal that they are going to work together an then we pair off with Rey going after Triple H and RVD hitting Orton with a kick to the had. RVD and Mysterio double teamed both men with some great double team moves and then RVD went up top but Triple H crotched him and then Rey was thrown into RVD and RVD is out of here! We re down to three and it looks like Orton and Triple H are going to team up on Rey. They both stomped away at Mysterio but Rey came back with a double DDT on both men! Rey hit dropkicks to both men and then went for the 619 on Orton but not before hitting a headscissors on Triple H and the hits a 619 to both men! Rey hit a springboard senton on Orton but then ran into a clothesline from the Game!

Triple H went after Orton but Orton comes back with a powerslam and then stalked him and goes for the RKO but Triple H blocks and hits a spinebuster! Rey hit a boot to the face of Triple H in the corner and then Triple H went to send him out but Mysterio got a body scissors and sent Triple H out! Ripple H is gone and we re down to Mysterio and Orton! Triple H then pulled Mysterio to the outside and sent him hard into the ring steps before tossing him back into the ring. Orton looks happy and stood over Mysterio and started to pick him up but Mysterio dead weight. Orton picks up Rey and goes to send him over but Rey blocks and flips into a headscissors to send Orton out! Rey has done it!

Winner – Rey Mysterio

The Aftermath:

Rey looks up to the heavens and he cannot believe it! Rey Mysterio has won the Royal Rumble! Rey celebrated on all of the corners and Rey Mysterio has won the Royal Rumble!


Rey is backstage with Chavo, Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko and they are congratulating him. Edge comes in and says if he thinks that Rey is going to switch over to RAW and challenge for his title, then his little fairytale will be over.

WWE Championship Match
Referee: Mickey Henson
John Cena vs. Edge (c)

Steam came down all over the arena and some kind of structure started to come down from the rafters, as the jets of steam continued to come out and it looks kind of like a space ship. The music of John Cena then hit and it s a huge ass stage and tons of pyro goes off and it s a spaceship like catwalk. Pretty damn cool, it goes right down to the ring and is pretty high up. Edge then made his way to the ring as the WWE Champion with Lita, and we are set to go!

The start:

Cena and Edge locked up and Edge backed Cena to the corner and gave him a knee to the gut. Edge sent Cena to the corner but Cena came back with a clothesline and then went for a baseball slide on Edge who was outside, but Edge blocked and pulled Cena out and dropped him with a right hand. Back in the ring, and Edge hit a drop toe hold sending Cena head first to the middle buckle.

Mid-match notes:

Edge bails to the outside and Cena follows out sending him head first into the ring steps. Edge put Lita in front of him and then shoved her into Cena. Edge then poked the eyes and hit a spear right into a ring steps! Edge nailed a baseball slide on Cena sending him over the barricade to ringside. Cena made it back in at the count of nine and then Edge unloaded with stomps to the former champion. Edge slapped Cena around until Cena came back with right hands but then Edge hit a spinning heel kick for a two count. Edge locked in a rear bear hug on Cena, working the ribs, but Cena elbowed out and then Edge hit a vertical suplex. Cena hit some right hands and then Edge raked the eyes.

Edge hit a standing dropkick on Cena and then a forearm shot sending Cena outside. Edge follows out and whipped Cena into the ring steps. Edge went up top and hit a missile dropkick and covered for a two count. Edge covered again but again Cena kicked out. Cena rallied with right hands but then Edge levelled him with a clothesline. Edge worked over Cena in the corner and then perched him on the top rope. Edge went up too but Cena threw him off and then went for a leg drop from the top but Edge moved and then covered but Cena got his boot on the rope.

Edge hit a series of left jabs to Cena and then Edge went for an up and under in the corner and Cena caught him and went for the FU but Edge raked the eyes and rolled Cena up for two and then nailed Cena with a front kick! Edge went up top and nailed a cross body but Cena rolled through for a two count. Cena hit some right hands and then Edge caught him in a sleeper before going into a rear naked choke with a body scissors. Cena picked Edge up while still in the hold but Edge sent him to the corner and sent for the Spear but Cena moved and then nailed Edge with a DDT!

The Finish:

Cena hit a running shoulder and then a pair of clotheslines followed by a sit out belly to back powerbomb. Cena hit the Five Knuckle Shuffle and Lita is on the apron. Cena makes the cover but the referee is distracted. Cena grabs Lita and then Edge charges at Cena but he moves and knocks Lita off the apron! Cena hits the FU on Edge and then locks in the STFU on Edge and Edge is forced to tap out!

Winner and new WWE Champion, John Cena

The Aftermath:

Cena celebrated his huge victory and the new WWE Champion puts his title around his neck and the champ is here once again!


Edge is caught coming through the apron by Todd Grisham and he says he will knock his face off! Todd asks Lita her thoughts and she said how dare he come in here and ask this stuff right now. Hacksaw Jim Duggan shows up and says he s here on behalf of John Cena and has one thing to say to her, HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


Kurt Angle is backstage with Josh Mathews and Josh asks him if he s concerned that lightening might strike twice tonight? Angle said he admits that Henry overpowering the Ankle Lock has never been done before, but he s Kurt Angle. He can beat people in ways that haven t been invented yet, and there s no way in hell that Mark Henry will beat him tonight, and if that little bastard Daivari gets involved, he ll take him out too. He s walking in champion, and walking out champion. Oh, and by the way, Mark Henry, you suck!

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Referee: Charles Robinson
Mark Henry vs. Kurt Angle (c)

The music of Mark Henry hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring with Daivari for his shot at the World Heavyweight Championship held by Kurt Angle!

The start:

Angle and Henry tied up and Henry backed Angle to the corner and broke clean. Angle tried to take Henry down but Henry powered him over. Angle with a go behind and avoided a swing by Henry. Angle kept ducking away from Henry and then unloaded with a few right hands. Henry then grabbed Angle by the hand and dropped him to his knees. Angle dived at Henry but Henry caught him and dumped him to the floor.

Mid-match notes:

Henry distracted the referee as Daivari got some shots in on Angle. Henry went to the outside and tossed over the ring steps. Back in the ring and Angle hit some right hands but Henry powered Angle onto the top rope. Henry stood on Angle with all his weight and then hit a big splash for a near fall. Henry then locked in a bear hug. Angle escaped with a hip toss and then rallied with right hands. Angle hit an elbow in the corner and then went to the middle rope for a cross body but Henry caught him and went for the World s Strongest Slam but Angle slipped down into an Ankle Lock! Henry powered out of the Ankle Lock and then Angle went for the Angle Slam but Henry again blocked it. Angle then went for a German and connected with it!

Angle went for the Angle Slam again and this time he connects and makes the cover but Henry kicks out at two! Angle took down his straps and locked in the Ankle Lock and Daivari is up on the apron and then Henry kicked Angle off into the referee! Angle grabbed a steel chair and Daivari tried to stop him and Angle clocked him in the skull. Angle went to nail Henry but he blocked it and then threw Angle over. Angle then gave Henry a low blow and grabbed the chair again and nailed Henry in the head! Henry is still on his feet as Angle nailed Henry in the skull with the chair for a second time! Angle made the cover and Henry kicked out!

The Finish:
Angle took the padding off the middle turnbuckle and tried to whip Henry into it, but Henry reversed and then Angle hit a drop toe hold sending Henry into the turnbuckle! Angle then rolled Henry up for the three count to retain his World Heavyweight Title!

Winner and still World Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle

The Aftermath:

The music of the Undertaker then hit in the arena! Angle looked confused as the Undertaker rode a black chariot into the arena and then sauntered down the aisle! Angle held onto his World Heavyweight Title as the Undertaker motioned that he wants that title! Taker then lifted his arms and tons of pyro went off above the ring. Taker then slammed down his arms and lightening hit all of the ring posts and then the ring posts fell down and the ring collapsed with Angle in it! Holy s–t! Angle looked scared to death as the Royal Rumble went off the air!