WWE vs. TNA Update: Samoa Joe, Benoit, Sting

– Right now WWE is working hard to keep anyone of value away from TNA, and will likely offer Chris Benoit a huge contract that he cannot refuse.

– There have been whisperings about WWE thinking about signing Samoa Joe when his TNA contract comes to an end. There is worry that if he goes to WWE they may just stick him with some dumb gimmick and basically just keep him under contract for the sake of keeping him from TNA. Joe doesn t really have the physique or mic skills that WWE is looking for in wrestlers at the moment. If Joe sticks with TNA, it looks like he could have a chance to main event PPVs and become a national star on Spike TV, as well as a possible NWA World Title run.

– During the recent Sting conference call, Sting did not mention once that he would like to wrestle Jeff Jarrett. Instead, he mentioned Samoa Joe and more specifically Abyss. The thing he said he dislikes the most about wrestling is the traveling. He sent the message that he wants to help TNA become serious competition for WWE and start up another promotion war, which seemed to be genuine.